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I decided this whole thing was making me more sad than gaming was. It was reinforcing a lot of negative thoughts, and cutting a big chunk of enjoyable activity out of my life didn't really do anything to teach me balance. It just made me really stressed out.

Sorry for backing out, y'all. Gonna follow my therapist's recommendation of moderation and scheduling. Good luck!

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I totally hear and understand what you mean, Demogoblin2.  I remember reading another person's post that reading the forums can be emotionally frustrating sometimes, because so many people are experiencing ups and downs with gaming addiction.  Also, it's a lot of work to sit down and write what we're thinking or feeling.  Then on top of that, it can turn into a novel.  Some people do best by speaking to a counselor for support, rather than reading a forum or writing a journal.  Totally okay.  ? 

If moderation and scheduling works for you, then that's a great thing.  ?  


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