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My LoL story

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Hi everyone, I've been playing League of Legends for years . During the latter I think I played for only one reason, climb the ladder and get a better rank. After a careful analysis I believe that the game itself does not bring me happiness but only the "satisfaction" of having obtained a higher rank, more lp, a victory. In short, I play for victory but not for fun. The other day I was permanently banned on the main account due to flame, this is another demonstration of how the game brought me more stress than fun. I would have no trouble continuing to play on other accounts I own but this event made me open my eyes to why I keep playing, but I can't make up my mind to quit LoL completely infact I can't understand if I'm thinking about quitting because I want it or just because of the ban.

What I constantly think about is that even if I am a Master tier and I play for a competitive team in Italy, what can all this give me in the future? Thinking of going Pro at high levels and creating a career would be nothing but a child's dream, an illusion. On the other hand, all the time lost only for a rank a little higher will never come back.
Now I finish, excuse me for the poem ahahaha, the fact is that after all these important words and thoughts I still can't make up my mind, this because I think that if quit I could regret it in the future even if I actually can't find a valid reason why this could happen. I don't know, the only thing I could regret is that I won't be good as I'am now, nothing more. I also don't want to quit videogames in general because it's simply one of my favourite hobbies. The reason why I'm thinking about quit lol is because, as I said, I feel like its not worth it. There were times when I tried other games, even for months I completely forgot LoLbecause I had so much fun with these games, and then I obviously fell for it again and came back to LoL.


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Oh yea, I played a lot of LoL too. But I quitted one year ago thanks to this forum. I was low lp challenger, also always thinking to get higher so I can be a pro to make mich money. But the reality looked like months of grinding per season to clim again, so many rages, so many bans. LoL is a really unhealthy game, because it let you get toxic.


So the chance to be a pro is nearly 0, but hey, this is what all major targets chances are. The bad thing is that when you fail, you have nothing left and a destroyed future. I am a medical student and I worked hard for it. Even if I wouldnt get the place at university I didnt had nothing left. All the stuff I did do push my grades are still in my head. Its meaningful. But lol? You do not learn anything with this game which could be useful in real life. So its a waste of time. Even IF you will be a pro, you will have to play 24/7 league with the pressure to keep your skills up. After some years you will get slow and a 13years will beat your ass. Theb you have again nothing. Just maybe 100 pounds of weight extra, no education, nothing. Because you spent all the time into a gamer. Thats what people call a loser.


Looking through my post shows me clearly why I want never ever again start with league

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I played League for more than 10 years now.

After it gone to beta it was a big hit within my evening school.

I did not play it for almost half a year, but people did not stop to invite me to play with them.

Since then I played League. I owned almost every skin, owned every champ. Also had good stats on my account.

I do remember the time where I played it to much. So I got up 4 in the moring every day, played 1 game of League and then did the stuff I was supposed to do for school.

Point being, if you can be true to yourselve, and your able to control your gaming habits, so that you do not sink the time into videogames, wich should be used for productivity, you do not need to stop them completely.
After all NoGaming people also watch a good movie from time to time (Remember the 70s/80s when addiction to television was a thing?)

Btw. I deleted my League account recently.

Reason 1: If you want to play a game to socialize you will learn people are all the same. There is no diversity in comparison to people you meet on the streets.
Reason 2: 1 Game lasts more than 1 hour most of the time. I mean literally 1 hour of wasted time a day. And not being able to get something to drink or going to the door while the game is running is such a big turnoff for me.
Reason 3: The community was to toxic for me at some point.
Reason 4: There are better games
Reason 5: You get nothing on the long term from computer games.

So, your doubt about a professional gaming carrer giving you something for the future is important. Reaching something in live is hard, and even harder if you did not try to achive something early in life.
If you earn something with your gaming, I suggest you spend the money for Evening classes. If you do not earn something from your gaming there is literally no reason to think your a pro gamer. There are about 0,00000001% of gamers who can make a decent (and I mean not a good) living out of gaming. The chances are propably higher to play the lottery and win something.

Also think about all the pro gamers who came before you. Do you hear something from them today? Pro Gaming ist like Modeling. If your to old your carrer is over.

Today, I do have a really good job, my own flat and awesome friends. I did not get this by playing videogames. Intriguingly I do not even have contact to those people who I gamed with.

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Hey man. 

I see you're on the fence and undecided, and I get it why... It's so much fun to play, brings so much satisfaction and in general it's what you're good at. 


But like you said you won't make it to pro... And that's probably for the best (considering the amount of sacrifices you would make). 

So why not quit now and develop some real work skills that might one day get you hired? 

Or pick up a hobby that will make you truly happy and more peaceful? Now you will need to spend some time to combat your anger and your raging that became engrained in your brain, whether you like it or not. 

Just try the 90 day detox and see if you're feeling better after it. ;) 


What do you think? 


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League of legends used to be a fun game  but it's not anymore or just that what i feel .

i started this game at season 5 then i quited then i started playing at end of season 7 . i started season 8 at bronze witch was so fukin bad. 

i kept improving all the way to gold and finaly this season i reached diamond and rank 110 elise in the world with 200ms ping in iran  ! but you know what did it cost? my life! yes my life ruind because of this game . i waisted 3 years of my life while all my friends are in university i didnt even passed the university entrace exam ! the pressure from familly is so fukin bad. i quited lol for 1 week then i reinstalled it and i only play one game per day or i dont even play that but i almost enjoy -0- when i play this game . to be honst i dont enjoy play video games anymore. take it from me , if you even reach rank 1 it won't count any seccess . now i know this , i told my friends i am rank 110 elise and it felt great but you know what? my friens were all having thiere lifes but me...! just delete that shit from your PC and never think about it again. replace your hobbys . i swear when i see someone plays league of i hear someone talks about league i become mad because i remember what did it do to me

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17 minutes ago, reza Mrb said:

I kept improving all the way to gold and finaly this season i reached diamond and rank 110 elise in the world with 200ms ping in iran  ! but you know what did it cost? my life! yes my life ruind because of this game . i waisted 3 years of my life while all my friends are in university i didnt even passed the university entrace exam ! the pressure from familly is so fukin bad. 

This is so powerful Reza! 

It goes to show that all the stats and high levels that most players strive for, it's not worth it. 

So we'd better take if from you who made it, but still isn't fulfilled by it. On the contrary. 

Thanks for sharing and good luck with your detox. Keep Us updated

Leo B

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