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NEW INTERVIEW: How Pauline Narvas Overcame Gaming Addiction to Become a Programmer and Build an Incredible Life!

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Occasional Binge Gamer Here

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Hey guys!

This is my introduction post. I am a 25 years old physics student and I struggled with gaming since I was 12.

Ive had times where I hardly played at all and times where I played a solid 12+ hours per day for several weeks. I dont want to dig in too deep into my past as I think its not that relevant. But over the last years I actually didnt game as much as I used to , I think its because studying physics actually replaces many of the reasons for why I game already, as it supplies you with challenges, constant measurable growth and many likeminded friends.

My problems are the holidays. After every exam period I usually have like 2-3 months of holidays where I almost everytime fall into a gaming hole where I do hardly anything else and let all my good habits like working out and eating healthy drop. I become miserable and depressed after like 2 weeks. Then I uninstall all my games just to install them again after a couple of days (sometimes even on the very same day) and game for hours and hours again. This usually goes on like this for the entire 2 months with 2 weeks where I travel and cant game and actually feel good. And in the beginning of the semester I struggle really hard for about 2 weeks to get back into a "normal" life.

This time it got so bad that I felt so miserable that I purchased the respawn guide and I am more determined than ever to go through with it. I wasted enough time of my life with gaming. I felt depressed and hopeless often enough and I am sick of it. Some people have achieved a shitload of stuff by the time they are 25 and I feel like a man-child who sits infront his screen and eats pizza all day. I want more out of life. I want more for myself and this time I am gonna get it!

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