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90 day detox daily journal


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Today is my first day starting my 90 day detox. I have decided to do this and pursue my dreams. I had a great day so far though. I was finally able to not procrastinate and I cleaned my room, did my chores, met with my caseworker. I am very happy and grateful today. There 10 things I'm greatful for. I am greatful for the weather today, my dog, my dad, my house, my chance to quit games, chance at a huge business opportunity, the food I ate, my drivers license, my caseworker, and being overall happy today. The only thing I still need to get done is creating a routine, and making sure it works to achieve my dreams and keep on going with the detox. Wish me luck! P.S. any suggestions on a routine would be appreciated?

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Welcome to the forums, you sound like you've more than prepared for this! 

In my personal experience, the first weeks' cravings are strong whenever you are idle. So I'd suggest planning every day with maximum 3 hours free (to just have a shower, cook etc). You need your mind busy, or it works against you (because it's been used to gaming). 

What are your favorite things to do outside the house?

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