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james castle

Relapse (Weekly Reset)

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I've noticed a terrible pattern I just can't get out of.  The center of my addiction is Destiny for Playstation 4.  I've quit over and over again but every week I relapse at the weekly reset when all the weekly challenges and powerful engrams reset.  I was perfect for a whole weekend and then Tuesday hit and I relapsed hard scooping up powerful gear from the new 6 player match made activity and even went hard in the Iron Banner.  What can I do?

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Sounds to me like you're having FOMO (Fear of missing out), since you're relapsing when the 'season' resets. Unlike life, we don't have that kinda hard reset or fresh start. That might also be something that's drawing you in, only you can know for yourself. I've personally never experienced FOMO with gaming, but know it's a driving factor that keeps ppl addicted to today's popular online games (I quit multiplayer 3 years before I found and started StopGaming).

Theres a lot of resources out there specifically for understanding and overcoming FOMO. Here's just one article I found from Psychology Today.

Also, welcome to the forums!

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