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Jordan Schwartz Introduction

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Hi my name is Jordan Schwartz. I am 18 years old. I am from Decatur IN. I decided that games were causing me issues and that I wanted to quit so that I could achieve my true dreams. I decided to quit games so that I could create my own business, achieve my dream of owning a house in Florida someday, getting a dog, being fit and healthy, having a sense of purpose, not being confused, tired, and depressed by life. I went through a lot of abuse growing up and I finally want the pain to stop. I want a loving wife and girlfriend someday, I want more than one friend, I want my family to be proud of me, I want to do big things with my life, I want to work on my social skills, I want people to like me at school and I don't want to be a loner, especially with next year being my last year of school. I want my last year to be awesome, I want good grades, lots of friends, possibly a girlfriend, and overall just a great time.

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That's great news Jordan get the games out of sight asap so they are out of mind!  Would have been a better to live without abuse but it is what it is - life gives you abuse then you have to learn to draw the firm line to keep it away. DM me if you'd like to talk about that more I will chat ☺️

If planning to own a home in Florida do thorough research that place is sinkhole alley!

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Great vision. Removing games is going to be hard, but at your age is the best possible thing you could be doing. Remove them entirely, and focus on learning new stuff and workout. The girlfriend and friends will come on their own if you just focus on this two things. Workout and learn something new every day. Read or listen to Atomic Habits, amazing book, if only I knew its contents at 18.

You can do it man. Slow and steady. Remember that relapsing is not bad if you get back to doing the right thing. 

Good luck!

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A welcoming statement :230_hatched_chick:
First move the consoles & games out of sight so it stays out of mind ..
This includes uninstalling them from the computer & devices! ..
Once it is done you can move on from there & a lot easier I might add.
After that you need to teach yourself how else to spend that free time!
Make sure you are eating healthy, getting daily exercise, & proper sleep ..
Then for starters find some hobbies to replace the time gained ..

Start some kind of journal with pen & paper, online here, or both! ..
Cross-examine other areas in your life you find consuming your time ..
Excessive consumption is what leads to the time crippling addictions ..
Replace such excessive consumerism by using your free time to create.
Our one life, the time that we have is meant for so much more than feeding addictions.
Thank you for your interest to quit video games ..
Perhaps such bold action will inspire others to great deeds as well =)
Welcome to the forums!!

Neil,  Ex-Gamer Addict,  Gamequitters Member
ProfileDirect Message,  Emergency Support

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