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I Destroyed Everything

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Once upon a time, I was 10% body fat 180lbs. Certified Fitness Trainer. Then I got into Gaming. I started playing Magic the Gathering & drinking with my life long best friend. Our Circle Started playing regularly, but I grew to pursue competitive play at pro tour. I eventually got priced out years later when I went through a divorce and a custody battle. My friend introduced me to League of Legends during season 3. I loved it.  Fast Forward to now, I'm 260lbs 30+% body fat. I am still fighting in court over things involving my oldest.  I've remarried to a gorgeous wife and now have a two-year-old. We are working on growing our business, and we have lots of opportunities.  

But I'm still spending hours of my daily time playing League. I've spent a lot of money on coaching. Climbing the ladder and finally getting some advanced skill, but I'm letting business slip away. I'm failing my family, have blood pressure issues, and struggle with a panic disorder from the massive amount of stress. I'm not prepping for future court battles. Most of 2019 has been gaming, and I can't keep doing this. 

I want to be fit again. Free again. I want to be a thought leader in my field and a successful entrepreneur. It all starts with not retreating any longer.

I'm only on module two, and I realize allowed some bad habits of a good friend to affect me.

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Define your future life without gaming, and make it happen. You seem to have a good grasp on all life related things, so this will be a peace of cake! Just keep at it, every day, keep reminding yourself what you are doing and why!

Good luck!

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Hey man,


Welcome to the group. This place is an incredible area where you can let that stress you're talking about go. Dig into the process and the detox. Be honest in both your successes and your failures, and talk about your journey with that new gorgeous wife of yours. 

I personally used League as my own poison and escape for 4 years. If you want to chat about that, let me know. I spent years climbing and being bound by my friend's expectations to keep playing. Best of luck. 


Be kind to yourself, 


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