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Keep it up, you do good!

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Hey everyone!

My Name's Ed and I'm joining you here on our Journey!
I'm a 27 year old student and I had during the past 7 years huge problems with gaming. I basicly achieved nothing notable so far and I'm stuck.

But I'm gonna change that. And that's what this Journal is for.

Below this line I will write about all the achievements I made and how I motivate myself to keep going.


I deleted yesterday my archnemesis in gaming. Accounts are on the deleting list. I've been through this a couple times and that's ok. I took my time for me and I didn't find myself yet but I'm ready to explore myself and everything that comes with it. The Journey is the goal so I'm basicly already a winner for starting it.

I'm excited where my first destination will be? who knows!

But for now I will start. Start to study and tonight I will go for a workout. That's a strong start and I already feel pride for myself.
I feel a little bit too much anxiety to go to university tomorrow but that's okay. I will make up for it on my own.

I've been fighting lately with increased anxiety but I'll get rid off that, step by step 🙂

My Motivation for this journey:
Be the Ideal that you seek. Be the Idea.
My body and my mind are tools. Form them to something useable and then use them and give back as much as you can. Because everybody deserves to get something back in a world that absorbs so much.
Be the Ideal. Be the Idea. That is true strength.

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Couple days in:

And I gotta say ---> I failed badly.

Gamed quite a lot, also got some things done but it's totally fine. It doesn't has to be perfect I just have to keep going 🙂
I'll try not to overdo it. I will for sure get rid of the temptations but I won't beat myself up about it.

Anyway, there's a lot to do during the next time and I definitly need something in exchange to the gaming. Something that I could do all the time and I think I'll stick to a new hobby sometime soon. Also pick up a book and start playing some guitar, all just for fun 😉
If the tension gets too hard I'll try to get some sleep or do some sports, depending on how fit my body is.

Looking forward to everything I can achieve if I keep goin 🙂 

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