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The addiction is real..


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Day 1 (4/29) :

After starting the GameQuitters program/modules, I started feeling withdrawal symptoms similar to cigarettes or hard drugs such as:

- Irritability

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Cravings

- Wanting to Cry for Help

- Wanting and thinking about the need to game

- Sleeplessness/Trouble sleeping


Day 2 (4/30):

Symptoms are the same as yesterday when I began this and was about to begin to pull out my PS4 after it was unplugged for a week. For a moment, I realized doing so will only keep me back from achieving my goals and fulfilling my daily obligations. I was like "nah I'm good, no thanks."


Day 3 (5/1)

Symptoms are slowly subsiding and not as bad as the past two days. I sold my PS4 and I never felt so free. Before I sold it, I had second thoughts about selling it until I realized how counterintuitive was to keep it for another two weeks or 90 days. If I didn't sell it, I would have relapsed and gone back to my old habits which would set me back from achieving the goals I wanted to achieve.


- Finishing my assignments for the week

- Selling my PS4

- Laundry



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Hey man, welcome to the forums.

If you're really serious about this change, try to remove your gaming stuff from your environment completely somehow. I had a loved one change all the passwords on my gaming account and lock up my consoles. That way even when tempted there are enough steps between me and a relapse for me to reconsider. 

Good luck!

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