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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

HBO looking to share stories of gaming addiction


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Hello everybody- My name is Max Gershberg and I am a producer/reporter for a television program on HBO, called Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. With Cam's blessing, I am here to introduce myself to the Game Quitters community and tell you all about a project we are working on about gaming addiction. We are working on a report that will shed light on the very real dangers of video game addiction, and convey some of personal stories of people that have been affected. Cam is involved in this effort, and we are looking for additional gamers willing to share their own personal experiences. Specifically, I am hoping to connect with those of you who are still actively coping with gaming disorder, working/trying to combat the addiction and all it entails. 

I understand that this subject matter is both deeply personal, and also widely misunderstood by the general public. My current objective is to speak with as many folks as possible, gain additional perspective and ensure that the national report on HBO will be comprehensive, fair and enlightening. With that in mind, I would love the opportunity to speak with any of you that might be willing to share your own stories and experiences.  Given the sensitivity of this topic, please note that ANY preliminary conversations I have by phone are entirely private and off the record. These initial private conversation by phone will afford any of you that may be unsure, further opportunity to get to know me, and gain a better sense of trust and understanding in our television program, before deciding whether or not to participate in the production. I will be checking back on this thread, answering any questions, but if you wish to reach out to me directly to discuss further my email is max.gershberg@hbo.com. Thank you all very much for the consideration. I look forward to working with the Game Quitters community in the months to come to share this powerful and important story.




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Thank you both. I will message each of you privately in hopes of setting up a time to speak and discuss at greater length. I appreciate your willingness to speak with us and look forward to learning more about your stories.

Any others like LordFederick and Ikar who are on the fence, please do feel free to reach out. The more people we can connect with, the better. Happy to answer any preliminary questions or concerns you may have. Thanks all!

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I am gladly volunteering as well if you need to speak to more people. I have however only been going without videogames for a week now but have been trying several times without luck and that was before I joined GQ. ? 

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