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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Not sure what to do?


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I m sort in another deimilama but a little bit different, you see I started a no animated detox while back where I said I would avoid cartoons and anime which I still plan to. 

The problem is I do animation and in order to grow my youtube channel I would need to venture out within the niche of faith based animations, the second is I m apart of two communities that are also into animations and I would like to be more active in them. This could be me rationzaiting things but when I elemiated everything I realzied It emliamted the interaction between these communities that helped inspire my own animation and I would still like to help them out just as they have helped me out as well fufuill a promise to one of them. 

The problem lies is this good idea make an expection to this or not because not sure what to do, am I rationzatling things because when I think cartoons I like cartoon network, nick, disney ect. and anime would all still be elemiated expect when I go to the movies theaters movies but I m wondering if its okay in the communities to do this? 


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It sounds to me like you're abstaining from it, because you likely were binging it and not getting any work done?


I've never been in this exact situation, but i've got my own strategies that could help sidestep this. I use to love watching movies, TV shows ect. online. I made huge lists of things to watch and it was even my 'life goal' to watch as many movies as I could. Now, I really hate movies and i'm a lot more picky with what I watch. Which is a great thing, but not so great with friends (I really hated watching movies at a friends place). At the same time there's also Youtube. I didn't play catch up with subscriptions, I would just waste countless hours on useless things (Those clickbaity, 10 places in the world stuff). Did I learn anything from it? No. Because majority of it has never stuck with me and only a small fraction of stuff stands out.

There's a different between controlling what you see and letting it control you. When I go to Youtube now, I will only search what I want to see specifically. I won't even open youtube if I don't know. Productive stuff might be "I need to see how to make a dove tail joint for woodworking". But I can also look up funny stuff if i'm in the mood. "I want to see some cyanide and happiness". As for movies, I like documentaries and science horror (Fiction). I don't think about movies often enough anymore to really indulge into it again. The last movie I saw was last year, being Ex Machina. It was well worth it. I like movies that make me think and involve morals. There's no TV shows that're worth watching for me at the moment. There was one I would definitely continue with, but I saw it a few years ago and can't remember the name.

The same kind of question would arise from gamedev's who're doing stopgaming. But rather than playing the game, they're able to just watch gameplay instead. If I were you, i'd only watch a cartoon/anime if I knew it'd be helpful to my work. Specifically the things that communities talk about and share are probably more worth it imo. Since they're also wanting to make cartoons (I assume), or are interested in the the specific aspects of creation. There's a different intention (a productive one) behind watching the cartoon. What you're abstaining from (I assume) is the non-productive intention behind watching cartoons. You can do both. You can abstain from the ill-intentioned meaning of watching cartoons AND also be productive in watching cartoons. Just always think before you do so. Is this going to waste my time, or is it an experience worth having for my work? Be honest with yourself :)

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Thanks for your help after your right I m trying to resist things that distract me. This why anime and regular cartoons I took a break from because all I was doing was wasting my time. 

   I chose to keep animation movies in theaters so I would have to go somewhere instead of wasting my time on pc. 

Since most of these people are creating movies and not famous cartoons and anime then I think it will be okay because it it’s helps build that community and helps inspire my own creation. Like leaving comments or criticism on wether good or bad and they probably have less than 100 subscribers for the most part. 

The faith based animation does help inspire me as well. 

I m trying my best to balance between the to and I have so much free time to do what I want to do I just don’t want it to be come a distraction. 

I have no social media breaking here in which I resist social media upto Friday. And tutorial Sunday’s which I need to learn  what i need to do. 

So I gave some idea and hopefully gives a clearer picture and doing this will hopefully grow my YouTube channel because I will need to since that what I have been learning. 

I do animation myself using the software I use and that one community and the other one is the one that got me into it. 

Thanks again for responding. 


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