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Dealing with though times


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Hello game quitters,

I have not posted here in a while, as I've been successfully dealing with the few cravings I had. I've been very busy and able to do a lot of things that I would not have been doing if I was still hooked on games.

Last time I relapsed, I was about to have a lonely summer: it was me working in the day, seeing the same few people (at most 4 or 5 different persons), and coming back home alone. Pretty much nothing to do with others in the evening, as everyone else was away, college events where not happening as it was the summer... I mostly saw family, every few week-end and that was it.

I managed to build myself a pretty busy life, however next week there are holidays. And even if I'll still be working during them, I'm afraid I'll just snap and binge on video-games, as it happened a few months ago, because of the loneliness.

How can I "survive" this week ? What can I do differently ? I'll try to find things to do with other people but it's going to be though; despite that, what do you think one can do to get through such times ?

Thanks you for reading.

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You need vision. Who you want to be. This is crucial. If you don't have vision and you are bored or feel sadness, loneliness etc you will do what you are used to do. 

I will give you some tips: 

A. Love yourself unconditionally

B. Check some great stuff on youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=impact+theory

C. Morning routine

D. Read. Recommended book MINDSET: THE NEW PSYCHOLOGY by Carol Dweck

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Thanks you for your quick reply, those are good tips.

However, I've been working for years on loving myself unconditionally (to the point where I can observe myself relapsing without being judgemental about myself); also been following a morning routine for months, and also know about the growth and fixed mindset. That leaves B, I'll find some time to have a look at it.


How would a vision stops me from relapsing ? I already have quite a lot of personal goals, like finishing my studies, doing some gardening, meeting more people (will be difficult this week).

It might just very well be that I am just afraid of relapsing, not that I necessarily will. I've been game free for more than 7 months, and before that for more than a year, so gaming is clearly not what I am used to do.

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Are you hearing yourself? Your only thoughts it's about worrying about relapse. You don't love yourself enough. Because you don't do what's important to you because you point out only excuses. Look at the mirror bro. You are like man I know everything so why to try something? Don't be like that. I think you are great person which can create value in life. You have creative solutions for your problem but you are waiting for something. I wish you much strong as you can possess.

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 How can I "survive" this week ? What can I do differently ? I think you know the right answers and exactly what you must do. I am already DOING most of what you talked about. Perfect. But instead of worrying try to find solutions. I sometimes overdo it with answers and advices ?. Bear with me. 

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I know your feel. In society you are busy, you don't think that much about gaming because you have things to do. During the holidays you "disconnect" yourself from society, kinda, so relapses happend, you start gaming a lot because Why not ? I'm alone and I have nothing else to do. That's the problem. When in holidays you need to stay "connected" with the society which means that you have to do stuffs outside. Plan something with your friends, meet people, see your family, do sports, go the cinema, visit. You have to go outside as much as possible ! Careful about your brain tho. Because your brain believes that beeing in holiday = no connection from society = loneliness and boredom = gaming you have to reprogram it and the only way to do it is to actually doing it. 

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Sorry that this is a bit late. How did your week go, @Tux?

If you're struggling to find people to do things with, check out Meetup.com.

Otherwise, you can try and find a hobby to immerse yourself in to take up the time. Cam has an excellent guide on hobby ideas on the website.

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