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  1. Recovering

    What is the last book you read?

    Phillip K Dick - Ubik. One of his best book I have read so far. For all fans of Science Fictions I recommend it. Phill has been recognized for developing his own style.
  2. Recovering

    My journal

    Dear Diary, Today was an okay-ish day. I was just a bit stressed. I keep fantasizing about video games but I'm fine. I'm going to study and I'll prob read a book after that.
  3. Recovering

    My journal

    Dear diary, Today has been a depressing day. I have totally failed my exam. I'm screwed but I didn't relapse even though I had some craving. No video games, no YouTube. I have studied a bit and I'm going to read a book. Day 4 is almost finished.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm here to introduce myself. It's been quite a long time since video games have progressively destroyed my life and they still do. I'm 19 and sadly I don't have motivation instead of playing these games. I have become passive. I just want to play, play, play. I have no goal, no ambition in life. I'm still studying but I don't know what I really want to do. I used to do so much stuff like jogging, going outside, studying but now the only thing that matters is my screen. I know my obsession with video games is dangerous but the only thing my brain can do is playing these games. My sleep schedule have become unstable. I think I play games in order to espace reality. Because I don't have what I want in life and because I suck in life video game is an escape where I can feel some relief. I know I'm responsible for this, that's why I'm here to retake control of my life. Thanks everyone for reading ! I hope I will find all the support needed. Have a nice day