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What's cooking ?


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So gaming took a lot of time, making dinner took a lot of time.  So its a no brainer (literally no brain ?) to skip cooking dinner and just order a pizza and keep playing. 

So not that my brain started booting up again, i need some idea's for healthy meals.  But being single i don't really feel like making any huge dinner, when its only myself and standing for an hour cooking for a single meal, is not where my energy level is at yet.

So what are / what did you guys make ? ?
Any good idea's for "easy" and healthier meals, i hope to find some else then Chicken and rice hehe 

Gonna try make some more calculated meals, once i get some real work out started, but i gotta start somewhere. hehe  

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Having to cook 2 times a day for 5 people, we usually do :

1 - Rice / Pasta / Potatoes / Wheat. It's basic : boil water, put the pasta/rice... into it then put a timer. It takes 1 min to put the water to boil and 10 sec to put the pasta/rice into water.

2 - Vegetables, mostly carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, turnips, cabbage. Get a steam cooker it's easy and healthy. 5 minutes to peel the veggies and it cooks alone.

3 - fruits : you can eat most of them raw and it's healthy. 0 minutes of preparation

4 - cheese : on a piece of bread, melt it on potatoes...

5 - once a day, some meat or fish pan fried. 

It never takes us more than 20 to 30 min to cook. Then try mixing with simple things and experimenting, you will learn quickly having your own style of cooking. Mine is very unrefined without spices : I use only salt, honey, oil, vinegar, soy sauce depending on what I cook. My wife uses almost every spice in the world (okay I'm exagerating a bit).

Try having fun when cooking : chop vegetables as fast as you can like a japanese chef (don't cut yourself !), or try something original. You don't have to "win" by making a good meal, just have healthy food that's not too bad everyday.

And the secret for the day you are lazy to cook ? Have a freezer to freeze your own meal or buy some freezed chopped vegetables. Seriously, it's cheaper and easier than ordering a pizza.

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lotsa spaghetti**

Vegetables like spinach with mushrooms and with lettuce I make a salad without cooking anything (All chopped)

Something easy .sweet corn for 10 minutes, I can take the hair of corn for a  cold tea

 Shrimp with bread crumbs to the pan it takes 20 minutes.

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I have cookbook I bought that some simple to do recipes called manga cookbook which based on. Japanese recipes.


the picture is black forset ham fried with asparagus, string beans, and carrots wrapped up with teriyaki sause glazed on top and used truvia not suger expect the teriyaki sause which is gluten free. 

The apples are just rabbit apple or my attempt at it 








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