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    You could try to go to a craft workshop or free cooking courses, go to play chess for example, volunteer to care for the elderly, with patience and do not rush yourself.
  2. lotsa spaghetti** Vegetables like spinach with mushrooms and with lettuce I make a salad without cooking anything (All chopped) Something easy .sweet corn for 10 minutes, I can take the hair of corn for a cold tea Shrimp with bread crumbs to the pan it takes 20 minutes.
  3. I tried to put that nostalgia in a box and forget about them, if it's too much, try not to think about it and disconnect for a moment and move to a plan b
  4. Remember that this is done for you , good luck in your improvement.
  5. You can learn to make music, to code, I am now learning to draw little by little and it seems comforting to me.
  6. there's is nothing better than giving real use to your time and seeing your values as a person
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