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Steve's Journey to a Game Free Life


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Today was officially day 1 and it was a good day. Yesterday I reset my my PS4 back to the factory default.

I'm working tonight so I won't even have time to think about gaming.

Activities during the day:

-Sleep(tried to at least)

-Listening to music 

-YouTube(non gaming content)

Game Free Days: 1

First goal: Complete the 90 day detox

Ultimate goal: Quit gaming forever 

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Don't compare yourself to other people. The only journey you're responsible for taking is your own. Think of ways you can avoid gaming that can either theoretically or physically inhibit you from playing games. Unplug your PS4 and PC and scatter the components around your house so it literally becomes more work than its worth to grab it all and relapse. Look around the internet for some healthy distractions.

Failure in this is only a setback, not the end-all. You can get up and continue on. We all believe in you.

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Today is day 5

It's been a few days since I've posted anything but I'm still not gaming.

Over the last little while I've had moments that I've thought about returning to gaming but then I think about how much time I consumed in gaming and how by gaming it doesn't change anything. What ever stress we have is still going to be there no matter if we game or not and if anything, by gaming, it will probably only add to our stresses.

Over these past few days, not much has been happening, mostly I've been working and the days that I haven't been working have been spent involving myself with non gaming activities such as reading or even watching some non gaming content on YouTube.

Hope you all have a great day!!


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Since my last post, I relapsed back into gaming. I feel like such a failure in that, here I am at 35 years of age still allowing gaming to consume a good portion of my time while allowing other more important things to be pushed to the wayside. Gaming is continuing to be a source of escape from the real world. Why should I be wasting my time in gaming and not really accomplishing anything, when I can be doing things in the real world that have purpose.

But rather than being too hard on myself, I need to look at where I've went wrong in the past when trying to quit video games and look at changing those things. 

I'm recommitting to the 90 day detox and though I sound like a broken record I want to work hard at completing it this time.

In times past, I think that one problem is that I  haven't been taking it as seriously as I should and I've been looking to take the easy way out when times got tough. But with that said, I really have to be serious this time. I don't want to allow gaming to take full control of my life so that I'm a life long gamer. I want to break the cycle and start doing things that have purpose. 

Today marks the start of day 1 and it's time to get serious.


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Great idea to get back on the horse, I hope it works out for you this time, remember, you only have to get back up one more time than the times you fall off or relapse ?

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Hey Stevec2283,

I just read your last post and I really hope you get back on your feet. What I want to comment is the fact, that when you start playing games for escapism, you have a method of solving problems that you wont let go until you find something better at it's place. For myself I never knew a way to deal with stress or difficulties in relationships other than diving into the virtual world. So please don't be too hard with yourself and stay strong!

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Hi Steve,

One thing that helped me in my first go around with quitting, got off solid for 6 months. I sold my PC and game consoles, then bought a laptop without a graphics card so it couldnt run any of the good game properly. My relapse occurred because I bought a PC for my son who was doing great in school, ended up being mine. =/. From Cam's videos, our life time of gaming has reduced/eliminated our willpower reservoir. I think if you truly want to do this, you need to get the games out of your house. All gaming accounts deleted, and disks into the garbage. Not telling you to do so, just some ideas.

One thing I did notice though, "not much has been happening" and "didnt do much". The only way to get through this is to setup other activities, even if you know you wont like them now. Join some local hiking and/or board game groups and sign up for some of the meetings. I am hoping back on the "meetup" app, some easy pre set up activities I can hop into. Without doing something specific that gets you out of your comfort zone, you will fall back to your habits. 

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Day 2 of 90

Yesterday was a success, I didn't have any urges for gaming. I also restored my PS4 to its factory settings and I do plan on selling it as well.

Last night I was working so I didn't do much yesterday, I slept for awhile. Before going to work I did some reading and also watched some non gaming content on YouTube.

Today is my day off so I'm planning on perhaps going with a friend for a coffee and I'll probably do some more reading. I'm also going to look at incorporating some other activities to replace gaming. 

Well that's all for now, hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!!


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Day 3 of 90

Today has been a good day so far and I haven't had any urges to play games. I haven't really done much so far today. I was out of the house for a couple of hours this morning and then I slept in the afternoon because I'm working tonight. Other than that I do plan on probably doing some reading and perhaps listen to some music before I go to work.

I don't know why, but I'm struggling with trying to write a journal. Maybe I'm just trying to be too elaborate with it and can't really find the words to say or maybe it's not really necessary for me to do a daily journal. So perhaps I should consider doing a weekly journal instead. I'm going to give it some thought and then decide from there what I should do.

Anyway that's all for today. Have a great day!!

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