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8000+ hours 3.5 years

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Hey everyone, you can call me Sirus.

I'm 17 and for the past 3.5 years i spent over 8000 hours playing game called League of Legends. Today is the day i finally break free. 

I used playing League as a coping mechanism for my depression, anxiety and many more problems that i just swept under the carpet that made things even worse. 

Honestly there are many things and circumstances that could be shared, but i am keeping this brief. Now i can work on myself both physically and mentally, and become a person i always aspired to be.

There is not much story here, but hopefully one day i come back proud of myself and being comfortable sharing the miserable place i came from.

Apologies for my poor English grammar, and thanks for reading!


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Hello Sirus, happy to know you. Be sure to delete everything related to LOL to avoid relapse. Start having other goals and pick hobbies to prevent you from playing again. What do you like to do other than playing? Who do you want to be?

Also, break up with your gaming friends at least for a while. And don't go for other video games, they're not any different. I think it helps you to know that I know people who used to play LOL or DOTA and quit and now they're brilliant doctors/dentists etc. You just need to believe that you can. Good luck.

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