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Addicted to: Jurrassic world and League of Legends

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Hello everyone,

  There have been times when I have had a purpose in life and didn't play games. But recently I started to have some spare time, and I started playing thinking: what can possibly happen, I'm just killing some time. But once I started playing Jurrasic world again, It's hard for me to stop, I'm just so good at it. Winning makes it addicting. 

  With school and my new business startup kicking into high gear, I just can't afford to play! There are so many other things I need to spend time on. I have a girlfriend who I need to go on dates with, I am a member of a frat (Haven't seen those fuckers for a while), I need to workout (I am out of shape after georging on those delicious chinese food during the new years), I have those Tony robbins CDs I haven't listen to yet, Those online courses that boosts my learning speed, and lastly my business and school. (arguably two of the most important things on this list)

Everytime I play these games, I give myself excuses. I tell myself that it's because I've studied for 3 hours today (which really isn't much) and that it's the weekend, I compare myself with other people who play games in order to feel better. But in reality, I should only compare to myself, I am doing myself a diservice as long as I'm moving backwards or even staying where I am and not improving.

I used to dream and believe in myself, I used to set outrageously high goals and work hard every morning in order to achieve that goal. I work up at 5am every morning and listened to motivational speeches while brushing my teeth; I summoned up the courage to cure my own stutter by going outside my comfort zone and start interacting with strangers every chance I got; I used to ask girls for their numbers even though through the entire conversation I was stuttering so badly that she probably thinks I had brain damage. I did all this because I didn't want to stay where I was, because waking up every morning, staring into the mirror, looking at myself I see the same person. The same person that I hated so much to see, the same person with low self-esteem, no friends and no social skills. 

I changed all of that, only to get comfortable with who I am today, being comfortable stopped my momentum to improve, and I am once again stuck, with life. 

What I realized over the past few days was that: I am addicted to games, and that I need to stop playing it and start dreaming again. Because great people don't spend useless hours playing games just to entertain themselves (unless you are a professsional gamer or a game designer), great people have a sense of purpose in life, no matter what It maybe.

For all of you out there going through the same struggles, the same pain, all of you are equally great!

Help me cure my addiction, and let's live life together!



Jordan wang

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