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Are you hungry??

islam mohamed

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what do you mean are you hungry ?

i meant to ask how hungry you are for 

  1. gaming
  2. improvement

you see in my case when i was a teen i was hungry for improvement (or that was i thought back then) i just wanted a bite , but in case of gaming i was not hungry i was starving 

i would spend my holidays wasting  my precious time that i should use it to improve my self instead i used it to improve a fictional character  called cj(gta san andrease)  ..

the problem is video games technology are improving every year.....better graphics.......better story.......better achievements....better everything, so the fictional character that i spent my precious time to improve changes every now and then

  1. cj (gta sandrease)
  2. ,altair,ezio,conar,edward(assassin series)
  3. vann(final fantasyxii)
  4. argonian,nord,imperial,dark elf,wood elf(elder scrolls skyrim)


when i went to college and i am 19 years old i spent hundreds of hours  but who cares? i was still good at my studies since like i said i wanted a little bite of improvement  these days



until one of my friends that liked games as well introduced me to one game ( never thought that such a  moment could change entire 3 years of  my life) the conversation was like that:

  • hi islam
  • hi (........)
  • have you ever played a game called DOTA 2?
  • no never heard of it.
  • its a famous online game.
  • no, i hate online games they are always free to play however they are pay to win .
  • no this one is different, you only pay to make your character looks better so it depends only on skill and its 100%free.
  • you are kidding me right?
  • there are even tournaments that are made where gamers made a career for them selves(professional gamers) win millions of dollars.
  • no way,
  • so what do you say wanna give it a try ,it will be fun.
  • i guess i will.

why?why?why?did i ever listened to him

dota2 was different....it made me a different person as if it was a drug....... remember when i told i wanted a little hungry for improvement no not any more .... i was only hungry or shalli say starving for only one thing callded defense of the ancients 2 

  1.  i ignored my studies in collage that my grades went from A to D+(i even got F in two exams ....i never got  F before)
  2. i spent 2700 hours in 3 years only on this game only according to my profile here let me show you:image.thumb.png.058a43713b8f6b3d6272857652172614.png


3)did i stop at that point?nooooooooooooooooooo......i would watch hours and hours of you tube guides and tournaments that i am cannot get a record for it

i knew that game has ruined me  so i deleted it but i kept re installing it ( i did that 4 times in those 3 years)

why?because even thought i deleted the game i never deleted my hunger for it ....the craving was insane i never felt boredom like that  i tried to waste my time by playing other games but with no use ...... i want the satisfaction that i used to get from  dota 2  so i installed it again


my friend that told me about the game told me

"why do you keep uninstalling it,you are still playing other games instead of it so you are literally still wasting your time so enjoy the game  "

he was half right and half wrong .............he was right that i was still wasting my time when i deleted the game ....... .he was wrong that i should enjoy the game

i have to delete my hunger for the game, not the game  otherwise i am just repeating the cycle

i need something different........i had a hobby during my teenager time to watch anime so i decided to learn the Japanese language to understand the anime ).....guess what it worked who thought that learning a new language will make me stop the game for 6 months )....i got hope that i will make change ...........however

my big brother got a ps4 this year and he has 5 games of the top sales(GOD OF WAR 4,Assassin creed origins and odessy, witcher 3,GTA 5 and red ded redemption) all that in one year


i think i spent over 15 houtrs on (assassin creed origins,god of war and gta5) .....i donnot want to spent more time on the ps4 ......learning a new language is keeping me away from it but its not enough ......i need your help....by 

  1. listening to my thoughts
  2. telling me your stories 
  3. giving me advice


thank you so much for listening to my long topic

if this is the first topic you read from me i recommend you see that topic its called (Real world vs Fantasy world) don't worry its not ass tall as that one i prmoisehttps://forum.gamequitters.com/index.php?/profile/3010-islam-mohamed/

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