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2nd time here..


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This is my second registration on gamesquitters forum. I left because a I have serious problems and not have time to playing games. I think I was here at 2017. So long story short i must admit that I am still game and internet addict. It is so bad that I gain weight, my back hurts and escapism is my way of life. Of course to internet and games. This is linked. I have stable job at laboratory and I 'm very glad for it. But problems appear from coming home. We share a lot of similair story here. Its nothing new that i was bullied and not accepted by collective, or friends or whatever. I thought that is something wrong with me so i espace to my safe space aka internet and videogames. And this thing that i dont have no truly friend. I'm almost 30 years old man. Somebody will say it only excuses, be strong go out etc. I tried man. And fail of course...I dont know if is good to write this here. Maybe i want to express myself and share my pain. Loneliness is killing me. 

I find out some truth: I have bad attitude to life. Maybe thats problem too. 

I really appreciate Cam's work for all of us. Thank you man. I saw your videos and i want to start living and chasing my dreams. Yes i have some. I need to get up. Of course English is not my native language. Keep that in mind.

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Welcome to the forums Katsudo. You can write anything you want here and of course start a journal for keeping yourself accountable, expressing your thoughts and getting feedback from other people on the same journey. 

You have the power to make better choices in your life, nobody is stopping you, remember that. You can achieve your goals as long as you don't stop trying when mistakes happen. All the best.

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Thanks! I almost sold everything but still have 3 accounts and ps4 gamepad. I dont know what to do. I dont spend my majority time playing video games. Bigger problem is internet it self. But still searching for new games info and game related content with little bit of nostalgia. I will see what to do next. 

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