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Hi, I'm Paul

Paul A.

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Hi there!

My name is Paul, and I am 13 years old, which makes my journey that much more difficult.

I started gaming when I was 6, when my dad sent over two Nintendo DS's for my brother and I. I've never been very good at games, but they were a good way to pass time, to escape from harsh reality, and to have some fun. But as I grew up, gaming began to become a distraction for me and it was affecting other areas of my life, including my academics and my relationship with my family (which hasn't been so good lately). So when I was 11, I decided to make a change, and that was when I first visited kingpinlifestyle.com and read Cam's article. I thought it had great stuff in it but as a naïve child I was unable to apply it and to really understand it, so I slipped back into the gaming cesspool. 2 years later, I was still gaming. Searching for a way to deal with boredom at home but getting nowhere, I rediscovered Cam's article and decided to get serious about eliminating gaming from my life. Of course as a 13 year old I am surrounded by games all the time, which makes my struggle a difficult one. But, it has been 2 days without gaming and things are going pretty well, so I'll keep going strong :D.

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That isn't much of an issue... My brother asked my mother if we could have a PlayStation3, and she LAUGHED, if you can believe it. She has stated on numerous occasions that we will never get a gaming console, and when I was offered a PS3 by my uncle (for free), she said no.

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Hi Paul, and welcome!

I find it amazing that at 13 year olds, you are conscious of the addiction gaming can be. It must indeed be hard to stop while your friends might all be gamers. But changing direction from now on and focusing on other hobbies but certainly on your studies and family, is great.

Do you read often? I started reading only 2 years ago. I bought an e-reader to do so. While I don't read much, each time I do I like it! It's kinda weird, I'd much prefer to be an addict to books than to games. Well, can't call myself an addict to games either as I don't have any cravings or interest in gaming anymore, since I quit everything. It's only been a month, but I feel solid about it.

Keep on the fight!

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