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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Time to get clean


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Hi all,

I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember and definitely an addict for the past 17 years.  I lost all interest in other hobbies and would spend all of my time playing. From Jr high onward, I would play when I was home and even at school. Going so far as to have a game boy with me almost everyday my whole Senior year.  Being in the Marines and playing every minute we were done working. After separating I lived overseas as a contractor and would play for 10 of my 12 hour shift and play my days off as well.  My life has been dominated by games and now they are ruining my family and making it impossible for us to be together.  


I need to get clean and so I have joined Respawn to save my connection with my family. 

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Hi all,

i am playing games since last five years i have more than 3500 hours in game .I am trying to get out but when some moments come like pressure i cant handle i am felling from depression. i belong to India there is only 1 aim in my life to join army but i failed in exam but to be honest i give my 110 percent and still i fail that moment i got stuck in gaming again after that day i was so depressed i even try to finish all this for once i try to but when i try to do it but then i think about my family and start for detox but now still when i feel depressed i go to gaming zone and spend lot of hours i cant resist it i google it then i try to meditate ,study but only reason for my gaming is study i need help i want to get out but i cant i want to get clean

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