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Have you watched Wreck it Ralph 2? If yes, you must remember the little princess Vanellope of Sugar Rush. In the first part of this cartoon, Vanellope loves racing, and she is ready for the race. But the problem is that she doesn’t know how to drive.
Are you in the same situation? You love racing, but you don’t have a racing car or don’t know how to control a car. In the movie, the princess can learn in once second with the help of Ralph. However, you only can drive after months of practising, and you must spend years to become a racer. So, why don’t you try interesting racing games cars instead of being sad because you can’t join in the race? Here are some top racing games that you might love them.
1. Car Rush
Are you ready for a real car racing? You are a beginner, so this is not a professional race. You join this race to accumulate experiences and get used to with racing. You will drive a convertible Audi for this important event. In the beginning, you should take time to get used to with the car and how to control it. Then, you can speed up. Make sure that you don’t hit your opponents or run out of the race. And you should take care of the time too. If the time is up and you haven’t finished yet, you lose.
To move the car, use four key arrows: up for acceleration, down for brake, left/ right for steering. The key for you to win this race is keeping a steady speed and a safe distance with your opponents. And, you should slow down when taking the corners because it helps you to avoid crashing or bumping. Let’s try now and good luck with your race!
You will drive a convertible Audi for this important event
2.  Speed Car Race
If the first one is too challenging, you can try Speed Car Race. You can practice your skills with this racing game. Here, you are alone in the race. There are no opponents. And all you need to do is practising your steering skill. The road is tricky. There are lots of unpredictable turns which require you to react fast. You might feel that it’s not racing because you don’t have any opponents. The truth is that you have one – it’s the time. You have to finish the road in the limited time, if not you lose. Moreover, if you feel like something different, you can try driving games bus.
You can choose the car you want before the race. The difference is the colour of the car. You have to combine four arrow keys to move the car. Remember that it’s not easy when taking turns. So, once you become a master of this game, you can win any racing games. Also, this game is suitable for kids too.
And all you need to do is practising your steering skill.
3. Crazy Craft
Crazy Craft is a physical-based game where you have to assemble your car, and it’s obligated that this car can function so that you can drive this car for the race. You are given all parts of a car to make a working vehicle. Firstly, select the body of the car, then you should add wheels. And, your car also needs engine to run. However, in some levels, you will be given only a few parts of a car. And this time, you need to be creative. Try to test various ways so that you can finish each level.
The terrain in this game is also designed with different states, which make this game unique and interesting. Try to think out of the box and be a smart engineer.
Try to test various ways so that you can finish each level.
Here are top 3 interesting racing games for beginners which help you practice your skills. Although you can’t know how to drive through playing these games, you still enjoy the feelings of victory. If you want to try more, let’s look at these top driving games: https://twitter.com/mantigames/status/1050598753311252480
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