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Hi people.

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Hi. I am 25 and I am from Russia. I used to play video games(with some brakes) since I have been 7 years old or something close to it because the year when i played first video games was around 2k. I had a long story of gaming issues and relapses. This would be a way too large wall of text for a simple greeting so I hope to share it later.
I can't say I feel much problems with gaming now but I also can't say that I am completely rehabilitated. Currently, I play  one or two video games(not online) from time to time(like 2-3 hours session) usually in a way people use TV just to pass the time when I got nothing better to do or the weather is bad to go outside. I did the quiz and it said that I have 3 out of 10. So I think I am doing good so far. However, my final goal is not bothering myself with such kind of stuff at all. The reason why I decided to register on this forum was the fact that most people i know(knew) aside from maybe 1-2 people tend to underestimate the issue of gaming addiction and one day I thought that it can't be possible that I am the only one who started getting a vibe that gaming is actually an issue ruining his life and started to do something about it and that was how I found this website in the internet.  As I said I would like to write my story later and I think if it somewhat somehow will help someone(like at least one person) it would be actually nice.

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14 minutes ago, Cam Adair said:

Hey Niko, welcome. It's good to hear that you're doing better than you maybe were in the past - celebrating those small wins is key.

Thank you for the support. Sure it is way better than the time I started that "war". I plan to make a journal soon and elaborate some things because I plan to stop bothering myself with video games once and for all(don't really feel like an overcoming something at this moment more like finishing it off) and I also would like to share my story so its time to keep pushing not resting on my laurels . Relapses taught me that this thing is no joke though. But the last thing to me was the fact that this thing ruined my relationships though in that case, I was not the one who was addicted.
It might look like it but I actually don't blame video games themselves(though some of them are clearly done in a way to be addictive) but video games addiction is really a serious thing that can ruin ones life. 

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