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I didn't think I have an addiction...

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but then again, neither did most addicts.

Hi all, I am Nick, 29, living in Alberta, Canada. I've been gaming since a young age and although I was never serious or competitive about it, I find that, being a grown man, I have no real hobbies aside from turning on Steam after work and lazily play FPS for a few hours each day (longer on weekends). I become this person where, when asked about what I'm into, always had to tell lies about myself; this uninteresting, bland, complacent shell of a guy who had so much potential in life.    

I don't think gaming has cost me nearly as much as it had cost some of the guys here (loss of relationships, jobs, financial troubles etc.), but given the opportunity cost, I would definitely have been able to achieve much, much more with my life today had I not been in front of the PC this whole time. Indeed, using video games to escape stress during university caused me to graduate with only passable grades in 2011 and killed most of my aspiration to attend Law School afterward.

I am motivated to join this amazing community in hope of fulfilling my personal, mating and professional potential. I don't want to be the person I was anymore. I want to try new things, take risk and be addicted to LIFE instead.  

Maybe I should try cocaine. I've heard great reviews about it ? 


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