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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

For The Better Con's Journel


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I'm feeling the effects hard with no other activities to do. I don't have much in walking distance and my next driving lesson is 2 weeks away and I'm pretty sure I don't want to be studying every day and all the time because that will take its toll. Time to see what I can do!

What can you do at home? Let's brainstorm some ideas.

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Heh, it's always a possibility to take up some drawing, or perhaps creative writing which I stopped doing because I'm afraid of forgetting thing I've just learned. Learning a language was something I wanted to do but because of the above reason stated, I thought it would be best to stop it for now. As far as now I'm trying to do maths and build my way up.

Unfortunately I'll be discontinuing my journel for privacy reasons. :/ but I'll still be around the site when I can. :)

a final update though:


I pitied myself into playing a Simulator game which then transitioned into another game. Thankfully I only played up until 1am and by then I was in bed and I was up and about at 7am with no issues, though I got lucky that I didn't get really sucked into it. I haven't been fair to myself as I haven't been taking up time with other activities and instead I find myself on the web which I have made a conscious effort to stop and do another activitiy.

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Back again and this time for good! Some major life changing events has happened. This time to ensure nothing but success is achieved I've purchased Respawn and following along. Nothing like beating an addiction. I noticed how I am inattentive, I think it's something to do with Maladaptive Daydreaming, another mechanism to cope with stress or ugly situations. Keeping a journal definitely will help to prevent it.

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Welp today was sorta interesting. Dealing with deleting steam permanently and unsubscribing from gaming channels - especially ones I love was a huge task. So far I haven't experienced any major cravings. Only some minimal cravings and those were really easy and pleasant to deal with. I noticed already how I am beginning to have abit more energy so I'm greatful for that. Although I'm angry at myself because I've messed up my sleeping pattern with gaming and so I wanted to stay up but instead I ended up sleeping straight up until 6pm. I'm not really too sure how I am going to get through tomorrow, I don't trust myself to take a nap.

I'm greatful that my gamer friends understand and although they were abit resistant they weren't being a pain in the ass about it. I've added them onto another social platform, facebook and skype so we can stay in touch. Noone's pestering me to go back to gaming and instead we're just having normal chats as if we never did game anyway. I pretty much prefer it like that. Gaming comes with too much technical terms, it makes me feel old, lol.

Today, is sorta good day.

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