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Oak lee

Any tips for time management during 40-50 hr work week?

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I was neet from October 2017 to july 2nd 2018 after losing my mom and now have a over time job. I've become somewhat adjusted to working full time but I just cant seem to do anything for hours after hitting the door because I'm so damn tired I've tried energy drinks coffee a double dose of my depression "uppers" (NOT SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS PURPOSE) but nothing works. I'm just to damn tired any advice or tips? I mean I guess I can't expect to be hyped after standing for 8hrs in the southern summer heat but still I cant just do absolutely nothing after work. The last few days my room has been a mess and I cant even bring myself to take a shower before bed. 

I know will power is probably what I am most lacking but do you guys have any advice?


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