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Any tips for time management during 40-50 hr work week?

Oak lee

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First I planned what to do:

8Hours Work + 8 Hours Sleep + 1,5 Hours average drive time for work. Now I need to Eat/Clean up myselve. That's another 1,5 Hours of time I need.
Keep in Mind that the 1,5 Hours cleaning + eating also has the time planned in for doing taxes or all other household organisations inserted.
If you start planning your time that way you should propably add another 30 minutes to the Household+eating time block. Since there is more to do at the start. For usual.

For example:
I moved to work so often and forgot to turn out the Heater.
So I created a Plan and bought some Magnets to check all the things each morning to turn off/close or clean up, before leaving. There are things like "Turn off lights/Turn off heaters/Turn off soldering irons/close windows etc. on it. If I checked something i just put a magnet on top of the point i checked.
Checkin things without this took me 30 minutes each day. With this plan it takes arround 5 minutes.

Finally those where the "Need to do each day" activities. So:

That makes me have another 5 Hours of real free time. This is the time I can Spend for the stuff I really want to do.
This is my real free time since I do not "have to do" activities within it.

It is also a good idea for some people to plan less time for new NEEDED/FORCED activities (like cleaning, doing taxes etc). Becouse the needed stuff is hard and it's always a good idea for me to take a break. Becouse i get bored fast out of such activities. I was never the guy who was able to sit down 5 Hours straight on something like sorting papers (the things who are considered normal in our society, unless you found something which is really fun for you of course) I always stated with 10 min sorting, taking a break. After a while I was able to finish the sorting paper task straight. That becouse you train yourselve routine.

So I started a private project for repairing stuff.I started to plan 2 Hour of work each day for that project. Slowly increasing it after a while.

So that reduced my real free time to 3 Hours.

Always addapting this plan and shifting hours arround.

Currently I have arround 1 Hour of real free time left. I usually use this time for sports or meditation etc. reading books whatever

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So now, that we organized our private time, which is important for doing quality work (your less effective if your at work and think about your private time, what you have to do etc) we can take a deeper look in organizing the 8 Hour work time.

If your new to work I start writing a Daylie yournal what work I was given, and what topics I worked at.
This is important for me, since I almost always forget something I was tasked to do.
I write those tasks like "Sorting aa, Fixed xy with using xx" those are all one sentenced things, I write down after leaving arround 5 pages blank.

If I forget an important task once, I create a note within my notebook (a small book I can carry arround in my pocket).
Tasks like that are written onto the second empty page who are left empty.

Now to more complex tasks:
Those are written within a single Text file (using editor on windows) or if your a construction worker (what I worked myselve at for some time) you can put into a college block.

I tried using electronic orgnaisation (with exception to the simple Text editor) but nothing was efficient for me. Also battery is always a problem if your on the go. So it never went good when organizing with electronics for me.

Those small Pocket books mostly do also have a Calendar at the first page.
So I write a legend with one Letter which is defined on the first blank page. Like "P ... Watering Plants". Then I put a P into the calender so I know I have to water Plants that day.

Each week, I will go throught the Diary of Tasks I worked on, think about if I understood it and weather I have more questions on that task.

I use one Sign method I learned in university to make clear what Tasks I have what problem with (there is a term for this method, but I forgot it, lol).

For example "Doing xx ?" The ? means I have addition questions about that task, I am not able to fullfill it on my own or I do not understand it at all.
- Asking for the result you get out of that task mostly helps

"Doing stuff xy !" This task was understood but it is important to learn it, since I have to repeat it more often. Also I have to find alternative ways for it etc.
- This will be put in my notebook for example

"Get this yy ," , means I take to long fullfilling the task

"Made this bb ." . means the task was given to me but I did not do it yet

checkmark task done and does not need more thinking about it

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