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This might sound silly, but...


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Is Habbo actually a game, or social interaction? I'm leaning more social interaction as this is usually why I play it - to meet other people. And surprisingly it has gone very well before for me in the past. I know it sounds rather silly but even being an adult it seems like a cool way to socialize with others.
 Any recommandations for other social sites?

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I would say if you spend quite a lot of time on your avatar and building area's it would be a problem, but if you are on there to meet friends and to use as a hangout I have used a similarish chat/game/thing in the past. I would say I was addicted to it when I logged on and it was hard for me to detach and go out. It wasn't as hard as an online game but it was still up there. I spent time creating Shop items to gain in-game currency to ---> spend more time editing my avatar and her "rooms".

For socializing I would suggest something like TinyChat. It includes webcam so it makes it more realistic as well as you feel more connected to the people on the other side of the screen. And there are themed rooms where people of like minds can meet and chill.

In real life I would suggest joining a group or club that meets once a week to accomplish something. (hike, tabletop roleplaying(or LARPing!), book club, rock climbing, poi etc)

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Thank you, Octsober! It's a pretty clear definition what you have given. I think I'll follow that! :)

Hm, that's interesting! I haven't thought about doing LARPing or tabletop roleplaying.. I have no idea where I would start to find a group, heh. But these are really good ideas to get me out the house.

Thank you very much! It's great to have a community that's supportive.

Hm.. I wonder if LARPing is only medival themed?

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