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I used to have this issue to lol. Even to this day I still sometimes find myself eating near digital devices. As Cam stated above, just be present with yourself, enjoy the taste of the meal. For me eating is the part of the day where I get lots of ideas haha ? 

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Hey man, I used to do the exact same thing. Especially since I played MMOs, it was very easy to eat and play at the same time. When I wasn't eating and playing, I would watch gaming videos as well. When I decided to quit gaming I found myself going to YouTube and watching different videos, but you know what? That in itself is a bad habit I realize. Even if I wasn't watching gaming videos, I ended up watching nonsense videos on YouTube which were just pointless, a meal that I was eating by myself, which should have taken 10 minutes now turned into an hour of wasted time watching pointless videos.

Cam said it best, be present with yourself.

What I've started doing in those moments where I'm cooking or eating and it feels kind of "empty" or silent, I play some classical music on my cd-player (not YouTube!!) and just enjoy the moment. I tell ya, it's really hard at first, but now I've come to enjoy those relaxing moments and some days I just enjoy the peace and quiet. I think our brains are used to being stimulated so it's nice to unwind.

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