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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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Hi and welcome!

Since I noticed that I waste my time playing video games, I've decided to quit them and join the Game Quitters community (which I've heard about for a while). I don't know how long my abstinence from gaming will last though. I don't want to go cold turkey, because I'm not a fan of setting unrealistic goals. Currently, I'm on the 3rd gaming-free day.

I do apologize for any grammar (or spelling) mistakes as English isn't my native language.

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Awesome to have you on board! 

This site has a PDF file for things you can do in your spare time. Boredom can easily cause a relapse, so make sure you fill in your time with activities that make you productive.

Also, watch out for negative fillers. Negative fillers are essentially bad habits replacing your current bad habit (Too much gaming or perhaps gaming altogether).  Some negative filler examples are: Porn, overeating, mindless internet surfing (A really common one), binge watching tv, smoking and gambling. Not saying you will try to fill in your time with any of these things, but just be careful with what you replace the time you normally spend on gaming with.

I wish you the best Alwaysnever!

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