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NEW VIDEO: The EASIEST Way to Stop Gaming

The Gaymer is in town - Watch out

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Whatsup guys! I'm The Gaymer (get it? i know its not funny :( )

I'd like to start with that I like that Toad is the GameQuitters icon, since it's a forum about people quitting games etc.


So a little about me;

I'm 17 years old, live in the Netherlands.

I had gotten fatter, lost my socializing skills, lost all my friends because of games..


I tried to quit gaming so many times in my past, but everytime I tried quitting I had NOTHING to invest my time in.

I was literally laying on my bed, staring at the ceilling wondering what to do. So I googled effective ways to

quit gaming and the only things I had found weren't helping at all as they weren't helping.


That was about 1 month ago and I lost my hopes of quitting gaming so I didn't even think about quitting gaming again.

But at 31th of december I saw lots of people saying ' Happy new year and I hope all your wishes come true '.

Then I realized that I didn't have any goal set for 2016. I then remembered I wanted to quit gaming.

So I jokingly googled 'How to quit gaming'. It sounded so weird and stupid for me, and I was about to close my browser

untill I saw a post of someone on tumblr linking to the The Sunk Cost Fallacy video.


When I saw that video, I was literally fucking amazed how true everything is what Cam said. I thought to myself ' God damn. This guy must have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views', untill I looked at his channel and unfortunately I wasn't right with the subscribers and viewers, BUT I was damn right that his videos had the quality for it.

Since 2 Days ago I've stopped playing CSGO, and League of legends. It was so easy to make that decision. You know why?

I've noticed that his videos also teach you what to do in the meantime and to appreciate the beauty of life, get new hobbies etc.


It's still tempting to play and I still play mobile games, but I installed duolingo and I'm already learning a new language, so I might quit mobile gaming soon.

I'm gonna watch the 90 days no gaming detox later, and try it out.


And I wanna say to Cam that you have one of the funniest and annoying face to look at but it never makes me bored to watch your vides :D


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Welcome to the forums! I'm super glad you found us and are approaching this not just as quitting but as a way to enjoy life/get better.

You want to know how I got here? The same way. Googled in exasperation about how to stop thinking of my games, and found Cam's vids. Literally life saver! Honestly for the first weekend/week I was resisting the whole idea but avoided video games nonetheless. Now here I am twenty days in :)

PS: Fish eye lenses make every face look fun. :D

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Ive just watched "The Sunk Costs Fallacy" video and Im amazed too! :) Ive googled "How to quit gaming" too :D But Ive been googling it few times until I found Cam's page. At the start his story sounded unreal for me, but then I realised "Hey, its not so unreal, it sounds a bit similar to my story". Welcome to the forum, and good luck! :)

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Hey! Welcome to the forum. I think that's a compliment... lol. Maybe when I have a new camera it will be less annoying with the fish eye. O.o

There are a few members from The Netherlands on here. Seems gaming addiction is more common there maybe. 

Happy you're here with us. The 90 day detox is where you want to start. We're here to help too so if you have any questions just let us know.

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