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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Pretty close to a relapse... any tips?


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Hey guys,

I'm 56 days into my detox. Everything was fine up until day 40 or so. Then a new game announcement triggered me into wanting to play its predecessors form the 90s. I grew up with those games, consider them works of art as much as entertainment, and it's really occupying my mind.

I've generally been avoiding videos, but I'm now watching lets plays. But because it's such an old game, nobody knows how to play it well and it's just making me want to play myself even more and do it right.

The only reason I haven't relapsed yet is that these games are easy to play on PC only... and I have a Mac. But there's a way around it for Macs, so so far it's just been the hassle of doing + not wanting to lose out on 56 days of progress that's held me back.

I'm feeling like that's not going to last very long.

So... what do I do?

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About missing other games you can check this and this.

About gaming streams: this video.

As a personal note, I've also been feeling nostalgia now and then, even after two years without playing my childhood games. I used to play grand strategy and now I'm in Italy so imagine, historical feels all over the place. But they pass. In my experience, seeing it as a white or black thing makes it worse. It's not that you "can't play": You can. But you know what will happen then, and you make a conscious, real decision of preferring to experience the things you're able to do in your life when you're not playing. In my case going back to play out of nostalgia would be great, sure, but then I would get stuck in a room for a lot of days playing all day, while I can get out and not simply imagine the places through a map or screen, but actually step on them, be a minimal part of the real life history. And I have a daily chance to make the decision of which one is more important for me. On bad days it's harder, obviously it's no big deal to enjoy what you like when you don't have urgent responsibilities, anxieties or no one was rude with you. But that's life, choices.

You can play, but what's in for you? And what do you lose if you play?

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Also, sometimes the fantasy of playing a game is much better than the reality of actually playing. The cravings make the imagination about how awesome it is more vivid, while in reality, it's going to be fun for just a little while and then it will be Boredom-and-Misery Town again. 

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