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Gaining weight while doing the 90 day detox


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Has anyone else found that they have gain while not playing video games (or watching let's plays). I have only been doing the Game Quitters for 21 days so far since Cam left Australia. I notice I have been going out more often but this means more money spent and more drinking (alcohol). I have not been going to the gym as often or reading as often as I wanted to while doing this. Any ideas what I should do. I have started since monday on a water fasting for three days to lose some of the weight but I find it hard not to want to play a game as I have done in the past.  

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I personally didn't struggle with this at the detox but his only the case because I have really nice metabolism and burned all that shit I ate away fast. Be forgiving to yourself because it is hard to change your behaviors. If it starts to become the standard that you don't game making good choices in other areas of your life becomes easier.

Gaining weight is a form of lifestyle. You all ready realized why you are gaining weight (more going out = less money + more alcohol = more calories). You have basically three options:

1) You start a second counter for exercise habits. This could be anything from a amount of steps you want to walk everyday to you want to go to the gym everyday. I has to be daily goal to make it a habit.

2) You stop doing things which affects you in a bad way. Go out with friends and just drink water. It is a great exercise to develop your social abilities and while people will find it curious at first they get used to it and are usually happy that the now have a driver ;)

3) Do both and become even fitter then you were before.

But always remember you are only at the beginning of your journey of becoming better, fitter, more intelligent and awesome in general. You don't have to tackle all the aspects at once. It would be totally fine if you accept the weight gain for the next 69 days and then start another phase where you focus on health and fitness. The cool thing at this detox is that it allows you to build the self-control and confidence to to such things again again in the future.


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Thanks i will give this a try.


I have been wanting get back into excrise on a regular basis. I was last year doing tennis 3 times a week and going to the gym twice a wekk but had to stop after i injured my arm. As you can imagine i went very lazy since i could not do my favorite sport. Now my arm is better i might see about doing a bit more gym. I have been running for the last 2 weeks. I will tell you next week how it is going

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