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  1. Thank you. I will look into doing something like programing. It would be better than sitting watching tv, since what is point of giving up gaming if i am going to be a coach potato? I know it is not as bad (aleast for me since i dont spend the same amount of time watching tv as playing a video game i get bord after an 1 or 2). Alright i will start saturday whem i get free time. This week i am very busy after work since i have filled it up with social actives. Anyway have a good day cam. I will write in 2 weeks in the other section on how it is going. Thanks again, already seeing some positive things. Spending more time going outside for one
  2. Going to church every sunday, philosophy classes tuesday night, bible studies on Wednesday, gym on Wednesday morning. I have been going out on Saturday night and sometimes catching up with a group of friends Saturday. I work monday to Friday 9 to 5pm. The rest of the free time is spent either reading, walking, on the internet such as Facebook and Youtube, watching tv and sometimes dinner with parents.
  3. Thanks i will give this a try. I have been wanting get back into excrise on a regular basis. I was last year doing tennis 3 times a week and going to the gym twice a wekk but had to stop after i injured my arm. As you can imagine i went very lazy since i could not do my favorite sport. Now my arm is better i might see about doing a bit more gym. I have been running for the last 2 weeks. I will tell you next week how it is going
  4. That is great. Very encouraging to hear. I still have 57 days myself but you find you fill it up with other activities. The the temptation will probably always be there but you can always say no. If you want to quit for good this site is probably a great place to start. Cam has set up resources on this site that might help. I am still struggling and very amazed at the pull it has. Anyway hope you the best
  5. Hi all, i am currently go through the 90 days detox. I started it on the 2nd of may after talking with cam the day before and it has been 4 weeks. I found the first 2 weeks easy since you can keep busy. The 3rd week was hard since you get tried and want to relax. The 4th week is alao hard since the internet went down and ao been forcing myself to read. Hopeful i get something out of this. Games can be very big time sink especially if your not careful. Hours go by and you did not achieve anything other then a digits on a screen
  6. Has anyone else found that they have gain while not playing video games (or watching let's plays). I have only been doing the Game Quitters for 21 days so far since Cam left Australia. I notice I have been going out more often but this means more money spent and more drinking (alcohol). I have not been going to the gym as often or reading as often as I wanted to while doing this. Any ideas what I should do. I have started since monday on a water fasting for three days to lose some of the weight but I find it hard not to want to play a game as I have done in the past.