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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

I was only 15 days away


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The longer you go, the easier it gets.  Just envision gaming as flushing hours of your life into a toilet.  If it helps, imagine a super disgusting grungy video game toilet.  I know life seems endless, but like the number of weeds in your lawn, the number of your hours is finite.  Now imagine you've probably tossed tens of thousands of hours away on these games.  You could have learned a foreign language, or mastered watercolors, or written a novel.  The difference between those things and games is that you get to keep all the accomplishments.

Every video game in the world had a launch date, a life cycle, and they all will end someday.  There will be no exceptions.  Someday there will be too few subscribers to keep the servers up, or the consoles will go obsolete, or something.  Even WOW and Eve Online.  When they close, all your accomplishments evaporate.

If you had written a book - even the dumbest first book from the worst author is more of an accomplishment than anything you can do in a virtual world.

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Believe it or not, this post made me NOT relapse today. I'm 57 days in and I was in the process of installing a game and I saw this and I was like "man, it sucks to be so close to the goal and not make it to the end" and then it hit me that I'm doing the same. Not sure if this means I won't relapse again, but I won't do it today. So, thanks for sharing this.

But on a positive note, while the 90 day thing is important, just think of the fact that you went for 75 days without gaming. Those are 75 days that your life was way better than it would've been if you didn't stop gaming. Just try to get back into the detox and play the "game" that Cam recommends: get the lowest number of relapse days and the longest number of detox days :)

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