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Working on quitting games

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Hey all, my names J. I'm a 21 year old guy from Canada, AB. 

For a long time I spend way too much time gaming, to the point of failing university, getting kicked out, losing all my friends and relationships with family. To this day, I have trouble letting go of my all time favorite game. I barely enjoy gaming anymore, except for this one specific game. I'm not sure if I can pull off a 90 day detox but Im considering trying. Trying is better than nothing, right?

Currently my issue with quitting is filling the void. If I just sit at home on Netflix in my free time, what's the point? I'm working on  ideas to find new hobby. 

Now that I've identified a huge problem in my life, I'm starting to focus on other things such as fitness, outdoor hobbies, and my 2nd chance at post secondary education. I'm not really sure what to do on this forum but I'll check it out some more.

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Hey and welcome!

Trying is indeed better than nothing and will always be a better starting point than not trying at all! For me it helped a ton to watch the whole video series from Cam in the gamequitters YouTube page - well I am still in the early early process of quitting (8 days in now) - but I did the 90 days detox once before already, with the help of this community mostly. What I'm saying is that I started from just "trying" initially too and it led to me not gaming at all anymore. The better way, of course, would be to decide right away that you don't want to damage your life and postpone your REAL goals anymore, and then move on with the decision of never touching a game anymore.

Regardless of the decision you come into, this forum is a very helpful place with plenty of people in similar situation, you will be understood and heard. When it comes to the fear of relapsing - it's okay and part of the process, Also discussable here. 

Hoping to hear more from you here!


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