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Useful tools for managing your time consumption / setting plans etc. ??!?!


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I have had this thought of setting up some kind of a system for myself to keep myself occupied throughout the detox. I mean something like a calendar or app to remind me to do things or anything like that. Why am I asking for such a thing here? Well, since you guys are ex-gamers too, maybe even some of you are of a similar procrastinating and lazy sort, like I am :D So the thing is, that I am extremely lazy in using and/or managing a regular calendar and I wanna ask you guys for advice: do you use something (app, calendar, journal, anything?) to regulate your days, keep yourselves busy and your minds settled for weeks or months at a time? Some easy options? Can be even harder/more complex but if you feel that you profit from using such thing, please share it for me :) Thanks in advance guys!


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15 hours ago, Ech0 said:

It might backfire, but Habitica is a really good option. It's an app that is designed as an RPG game, so take your chances

Oh, didn't know about this :O Maybe I will take a look this evening. Thanks!

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I would stick away from any gameification games during your detox. Like someone told me don't rely on an app to get where you want to go, rely on yourself what are some necessary steps you want to accomplish write them down and figure out a way to integrate them not saying apps are bad just don't be so reliant on it. 

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