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Thoughts on Chess?


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I've been thinking about getting into chess, but I've been seeing conflicting views. Some people say that it's mentally challenging, increases IQ, and is a respectable passtime. Others say that it's too similar to a video game (take StarCraft 2 for example) to be considered void from the "90 day challenge".

So is it a go, or a no go? I'm not scared of relapsing to other games if I start playing chess, don't get me wrong. I'd just like some input from others. Because if chess isn't a pass, where do you draw the line? Board games? Sports? Trivia? It seems like any type of "game" can be played either in the "real world" or online on a computer of phone nowadays. I feel like it's important to ask these questions early on. Thanks.

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In my opinion, board games are fine, as they are nowhere as interactive or addictive as video games. With chess you require another player, which will both restrict your time playing and will require social interaction, which is good. Just as long as you don't play chess online or on a computer, it should be a great way to engage your brain. The other games you mentioned should be fine. Have fun with the board games!

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I play chess and love it.

Here's my opinion:

It's best to play chess in-person on the board. Playing online or with a mobile app can easily go into more game-like behavior.

If you're within your 90 day detox, no online chess - only in-person. Find a club in your city and join it - this can also be a fantastic way to make new friends, etc.

If you're done your 90 day detox, online chess can be ok to try. But be cautious of how often you are playing and when you do it. I currently play a game or two (5 minute blitz) per day when I need a break from work for a minute. I haven't experienced any issues with chess - however I will state that I've worked hard to ensure all the key elements in my life are together and I believe I could escape into chess for hours and hours if I wasn't aware of it.

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