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Hi my name is Danny Lee

I'm 18 years old now, turning 19 in couple months.

I have played lots of League since I was around 13-14 ish. I didn't play for the entire course of 4-5 years. I had intervals of breaks in between (parental concerns, moving to a different environment...etc). But I noticed myself unable to stop playing during school breaks and often dedicate hours to this game. 

I don't believe that the cause is neither social or achievement-related. I have a decent social life (a gf too!) + am considered top of the school kind of student, not to brag. Also, I am generally terrible at gaming. This leads me to suspect that I play to fill the empty void of boredom and to use gaming as a procrastination tool that provides me enough excitement and stimulation. 

I didn't know this kind of forum existed and I really want to stay clean at least until my 19th birthday. I will check in daily to continue my fight! 


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