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Activities to replace gaming with long distance friends


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I have a supportive friend that I've had for about 15 years now and she is very happy that I'm quitting but now we have no idea what to do. We used to spend a lot of time together gaming, in fact, my friends were a big part of why I did it. Now we are looking for other things to do and we're just sitting here. Talking yea, but it's pretty dull. What do we do to replace our game time bonding??

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Create a shared blog about how to keep long distance relationships healthy and alive. ;) Sounds stupid, I know but somehow I believe it would be a cool project and others could benefit from it. Otherwise, find something you both like and create a blog or facebook page about it.

Otherwise, you said talking feels dull and I know that feeling. I have multiple long distance relationships and the problem always was the way we had contact. Chatting, skyping whatsapping on a daily basis does not work. It simply does not. If you talk to somebody on a daily basis, you will probably run out of content quite quick. That is why gaming worked. You had something to talk about continuously because the content was generated while you talk.
I solved my problem by reducing the amount of contact. In the old times, people wrote letters that could take forever to arrive. So, you always had something to talk about since so much happened while you were waiting for the mailman. If you reduce the amount of chatting or talking, the conversations will improve.

If they do not improve at all, there might be a chance that gaming was what kept you guys together and without it you feel that there is not much left. But that is not the first condition I would assume. Simply try to reduce the amount you guys have conversations and may be keep a list of stuff you would like to talk about. Like, when something happens and you totally think "I should tell [blank]", write it down. Or send a text message or email. Aside from that, if there is a shared project you guys could start, try it.

I wish you that it works out for you two. :)

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