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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

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Someone on the /r/stopgaming subreddit sugested this and I have, so far, found it to be a very positive thing. They suggested Pokemon Go. Yes I know it's a video game but here me out. I did a lot of research to make sure it couldn't be cheated easily. I won't go into it so anyone who wants to try it won't be tempted to cheat, but rest assured it's not easy to do, even for a tech savvy person for like me. So basically the only way to play this game is to get off your ass and go outside. Not only that, there's lots of (at least where I live) social opportunities too because there's facebook groups and such where people arrange to meet in real life to do gyms and stuff. Not that I've been brave enough to try any yet, but I'm getting there! At least I'm getting out, which is a huge improvement!

Now, I was warned, and I'll warn you guys too, that this isn't for everyone. If you have a problem with micro transactions, or being competitive you should probably still stay away because this this can still get you in trouble. 

I'll say this once again, you know yourself best. Please use common sense if your going to do this, because I don't want cause anyone to relapse.

PS I'm new to the forum so I'm sorry if I'm repeating an idea that someone has already brought up.

Edit: It just occured to me that suggesting a video game might be against some rule. I'll try and check now just to make sure. I know this might be a grey area, but I still want to be respectful of the rules. Feel free to correct me Cam (or other mods) if I'm crossing a line.

Edit 2: It appears I'm okay, but I'll leave the edit's just in case.

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