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  1. Wow, haha you really have a video for everything! Thanks Cam! I'll check it out :)
  2. Came up with a Template for my Journal that I'm going to try and fill out every day. It's based off one I saw in the suggested templates, but anyway here it is... Positivity Journal (Write about your day. Write from a positive standpoint even if you had a bad day.) One amazing thing that happened/I did today (One success you had today. Try and think of one, even if it’s small) Exercise/Walk (Get out and walk at least a 5 times a week, weekdays, at first. Even if it’s just doing pokemon go. Work toward getting in shape so you can run again. But for now just work on anxiety and getting out.) Meditation (Been wanting to start doing this again. Try focusing on “I can do it.” Montra. Look up Montra meditations since I haven’t really tried this kind of meditation before.) Weekly Goal (Give this some thought each week. Work on every day as needed.) Monthly Goal (More long term so you might want to plan out how your going to reach the goal. Work on every day as needed.) 3 Month Goal (Needs the most planning. Might want to talk to therapist about this. Maybe make list of steps to take to reach goal?) What could have made my day better? (Reflect on day without judgment) What I will do different tomorrow? (Again without judging yourself, think of new things to try tomorrow, for improvement.)
  3. Someone on the /r/stopgaming subreddit sugested this and I have, so far, found it to be a very positive thing. They suggested Pokemon Go. Yes I know it's a video game but here me out. I did a lot of research to make sure it couldn't be cheated easily. I won't go into it so anyone who wants to try it won't be tempted to cheat, but rest assured it's not easy to do, even for a tech savvy person for like me. So basically the only way to play this game is to get off your ass and go outside. Not only that, there's lots of (at least where I live) social opportunities too because there's facebook groups and such where people arrange to meet in real life to do gyms and stuff. Not that I've been brave enough to try any yet, but I'm getting there! At least I'm getting out, which is a huge improvement! Now, I was warned, and I'll warn you guys too, that this isn't for everyone. If you have a problem with micro transactions, or being competitive you should probably still stay away because this this can still get you in trouble. I'll say this once again, you know yourself best. Please use common sense if your going to do this, because I don't want cause anyone to relapse. PS I'm new to the forum so I'm sorry if I'm repeating an idea that someone has already brought up. Edit: It just occured to me that suggesting a video game might be against some rule. I'll try and check now just to make sure. I know this might be a grey area, but I still want to be respectful of the rules. Feel free to correct me Cam (or other mods) if I'm crossing a line. Edit 2: It appears I'm okay, but I'll leave the edit's just in case.
  4. Day # 3 Intro (Just something I'm thinking about today) I figured my first Journal entry would be pretty losely formatted. I think I might try something more structured next time, something with goals and such (I'll have to give it some thought today). For now, though I just had some thoughts I wanted to get out. Perhaps I'll have a section just for that in the format and another section for goals. I think a lot of other people do that too. Anyway, as you can tell from my profile pic, I like anime. Also, if your anime fan, you can probably also tell I like "My Hero Academia." Just a brief run down for those who don't know what it is. It's about a boy, born without super powers, in society where super powers are common place. Problem is, his dream is to be a super hero. He's given a chance to have super powers, but because he is given powers, and not born with them, he has to work a lot harder than everyone else to achieve the same success. This really speaks to me because I have a mental health diagnosis, not to mention the severe video game addiction. A lot of times, I feel like I have to work so much harder than everyone else to achieve the same thing. I think the anime really captures the kind of dogged determination required to succeed when the cards are stacked against you. Just trying isn't enough anymore. You have to go above and beyond. Time to take it to the next level! Anyway that last part is what I've been thinking about lately. I've been thinking about how I've been "just trying" up till now. I think that's why I keep failing. I think I need to start thinking seriously about why I want to succeed at this and really focus in on that, because just trying isn't enough. I really need to dig in my heels and go above and beyond. Also before anyone responds, please keep in mind words and phrases like "trying" and "above and beyond" are relative, and based on personal experience/opinion. So while you might disagree, and trying might be enough for you, it might not be enough for me.
  5. Hitaru That's so spot on! It's really nice to hear from someone in a simular situation who get's it. I keep feeling very alone on certain things. I felt like some things about my situtation are different somehow. For example on /r/stopgaming I hear people say things like I'll stop except (fill in the blank). I'm like, how can you say that! It makes me wonder if they are experiencing the same thing as me, because there's no way, after all I've been through, that I could allow myself to just play some games. It has to be all or nothing of me. True everyone is different, and I try not to compare situations. I learned that in the mental health world as well. However I hear it often enough it makes me wonder if I'm alone in the severity of what I'm going through. Haha but then I read Cam's story and I remember that I'm not alone! and just look at him now To be honest at this point, when I look into the future and picture recovered me, I don't really see myself wanting to play games anyway. I feel like recovered me would view it as waist of time because I would have so many other things going on in my life. That's the dream anyway
  6. So I'm a returning user. I've tried quitting game Many times. I usually try and go it alone though. I think that may have been a mistake. I think I need more structure and support so I'm going to try this again, and hopefully engage in it more. But hey I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Steve, I'm 25. Actually funny story (not the haha kinda funny). Cam just wanted to give you a shout out because a while back I tried to do your online class thing and chickened out and you were so understanding. I guess I shouldn't surprised, only another addict could be that understanding. I thought I was ready, at the time, I've learned a lot since then, I'm still not ready for something like that, but at least now, I've gained a lot more awareness, and I think that's something to be proud of. So I wantd to share some things about myself, and a little success story too. It's going to be long so I don't know who's going to read it but I really felt like I need to write it so here it goes. I was going to post this on the reddit /r/stopgaming. But I just felt like reddit was too public. This felt more personal. Anyway here's what I wrote: Your probably thinking I'm going to say I succeeded in quitting but no, it's better than that alone, I wanted to share. Just a heads up first though, I don't post hear often, and I'm about to get a bit more personal than I usually do so please be mindful of that with any comments you make. I'm kinda going outside my comfort zone a little with this one. Anyway I've struggled with games for a long time. I mean big time. It started out like a pretty typical gaming addiction. I played a lot, it was all I thought about, my grades suffered, it effected my life in negative ways, but I still functioned in life. That is to say I still went to school, had friends, but all in all, I lived life. That is until senior year of high school when I started to develope signs of severe depression and anxiety. I was first dignosed with depression then later BPD (borderline personality disorder). For those who don't know, that's like severe mood instability. Everything you say and do is based on you extreme feelings so it effects the way you intact with people big time. I've been pretty lucky to be surrounded by loving, understanding people, however a lot of people with BPD are not treated so kindly due to the nature of the illness, but I digress. Fast foward a bunch of years (This is skipping a bunch of mental health related drama. I'm sure if you have a diagnosis or know someone, you can imagine the kinds of things I've been through since then, and why I don't want to talk about it.) I'm now doing better with many of the BPD symptoms, however I still am very depressed and anxious. Plus the games are still a huge problem. In fact I would argue that the games are my biggest problem because they keep me from working on my mental health and they are escape from the rest of it. I'm currently on disability because of all this and I live alone. The only people I really talk to are my family, (mostly just my parents, and my sisters sometimes) and I isolate a lot. So now that you have the setting let me tell you about my success! Not only did I manage to quit games for what feels like the billionth time (fingers crossed this will be the last, as always) I managed to do something different this time. I was sitting there having a really severe urge to play games, as one does when they recently quit. However this time I actually managed to stop and use a skill I learned in therapy. You probably don't understand, but this is like unheard of for me. I have a intense fear of getting better because I have a fear of independence and I fear if I get better I'll lose all my support, so I have a lot of willfulness when it comes to using skills. However this time I guess I just reached my limit. I felt really don't want to this way anymore, I want to get better! Thank you if you actually took the time to read all this. Also in case anyone is interested, the skill I used that helped (because I think this would work for anyone) was basically just meditating. I used to meditate a lot so I'm kinda practiced at it so I don't recommend starting this way, but I just focus on my breath. However when I started I needed a more concrete thing to focus on, so I would count my out breaths unitl I reached 10 and then start over. If I got distracted I would just gently bring my attention back to my breath and start back at 1. This is really helpful if your having strong urges, at least it has been for me. tl;dr Addiction to games + mental health issues = REALLY hard to quit. Finally did what therapist told me to do even though I've been resisting in the past. Also hi, My name is Steve!
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