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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Am i really doing this.....

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I honestly never tought i would land here.

My name is Ismael...

Im 24 years old and im a cooking class teacher and was born and raised in switzerland.

I have a wonderful girlfriend (she can be quite a pain in the ass from time to time) that is actualy pregnant in the second month...

Sounds not bad eh..

Yes i became quite far already

But i woudnt be here if everything was perfect.


Since im around 5 years old im addicted to videogames.

I never had problems finding friends or even girls. The problem is i dont want to because i wanna do nothing else all day than play videogames.

I hate my job but guess what i dont so shit to change it.... i come home and play as long as i can Leage of Fucking Legend.

My girlfriend dosnt let me play at night for example sometimes i freaked out like a fucking heroin junkie because i didnt get my fucking gaming fix.

Trust me i tried everyting to play moderate but that shit dosnt work with me.

So here i am...

Ready to build a better life.

Im really skeptikal because All i ever was....was a game freak.

I hope this elite program works well for me and i hope that i wont crave for the rest of my life....

Thanks for reading...

Btw its 1.00 a.m and im typing from my Phone and english is not my motherlanguage so if u find mistakes in my writings... feel free to keep them ?

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