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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

starting my detox

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helllo , my name is Bruno, I am a 30 year old Portuguese guy living in Belgium. 

I started playing games when I was 6 and have been playing games all my life, always have been jumping from one game to another because i get easily bored. the games where I have spent more time was WOW, Fifa and some other MOBAs. I have several problems with gaming for ex: uncontrolled rage, complete obsession with the game , I don' t even give attention or want to do anything with my wife.

I usually go work and every pause i get on my phone doing things related to my actual game, i spend the entire day anxious to get home so I can play, and when i finally get home i play until I go to bed. some games just drain all from me other not so much but I know that I am addicted to playing. If I stop playing because I got bored I just enter in a deep depression and lose all joy in life until I can find my next game.

2 days ago my wife told me she was unhappy with our life, that i cared more about the games than about her, that I spend more time with games than with her, that i love my computer and not my wife. this made a click in my mind I have decided so seek help, since then I am not playing games , but I am always thinking about them, saying to myself that this time I can control It, that this time I will only play one hour a day. I know that it's not true, I can' t control it, after 1 hour the next day will be 2, and on the weekend it will be the entire night. SO THATS ENOUGH FOR ME. i will start doing the 90 days detox and I will try to save my marriage a as well as my real life, try to focus on my job, learn the 2 languages spoken in belgium and improve my social skills.


here is my story


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Hi Bruno! Glad to have you with us. You made a brave decision for you and your loved one. You can take 90 days without games and take it back any moment, but can you take back your marriage if it's done? You can do this, we have your back! 

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