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What "tools" would you want to help your recovery?

Cam Adair

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Hey Cam! What tools helped me build a life? I actually got them here!

1. Meditation apps

2. Gratitude

3. Books to read...actually made a list back in the day from you guys and I am still working my way through it!

4. Acceptance of life's ups and downs and not requiring perfection of myself - see 1, 2 and 3 above!

Took these tools and used on other areas of life I wanted to change.  It is awesome to look back and see the progress.  You forget how far you have grown in the moment sometimes.  Another tool in early days of withdrawal and developing new habits is an actual roadmap of tasks and a nightly checklist each day of the things that keep you on track. ie. Meditate 10 minutes, gratitude, journal, exercise etc.   This is especially useful if you plan out your day the night before and reduces impulse/willpower decision making.  I know some people that use an emergency action plan for cravings. 1. I will post on forum, 2. Call my accountability buddy, 3. Watch modules 4. Help others etc.  Then the failure plan and how to get back up and restart your goals with non-judgemental support.  This reduces the time lost to game etc. and it helps if there are questions.  Why did the slip happen? What did you learn.  Were you doing your daily action plan of meditation or had it slipped?  Do you start your day with a daily commitment of not gaming etc.

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