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Hello, my name is François and I’m from Québec, Canada. I am 24 years old, speak french and a pretty decent english. I found this website from the subreddit Stop Gaming and decided to finally commit. I’m currently studying in computer science but will probably change for something closer to humanities.

My reason to quit game are quite simple, they aren’t fun for me anymore and yet, I still play them by habit and not knowing what else to do. During the winter break I got tired of this and decided to finally put a stop to this.

My main goal is to find something I enjoy and make a career out of it. I feel that gaming made me not interested in anything except games. I quit my program in Educational Counselling and Career Counselling at Uni because it didn’t interest me but I can never be sure it’s the 100% truth since except gaming nothing really interested me. Academically I have nothing to show since my CEGEP Diploma 3 years ago (unique to where I live, you basically need the diploma to go to an University) and it feel really bad. Especially because the reason is that I spent all my free-time playing games instead of studying, doing homework or doing anything productive.

I plan to go back in University in Fall and for that I decided to stop gaming.  I am also currently seeing a career counselor to help me figure out what I like to do and what I’m interested in.

I feel like my mindset has changed to a healthier one since I took my decision and I’m excited to see what life has for me without games.

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