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I want to reduce media consumption


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Hello community,

I don't play computer games, but I am still addicted. That means that I played in the past and stopped by willpower. Nevertheless I quite often think about it.

I am here because of an another issue: I want to reduce media consumption (TV, Youtube, Radio, Internet, Movies, etc.).

Especially on Youtube I spend too much time. I want to be more productive and be more in the present.

I will start a media fasting and write a diary here in the forum.

Greetings from Colombia



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¡Hola! Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on quitting games!

Mindless browsing online content usually comes in hand with video games, as you have already noticed. The key words are "temporary escape" and "instant gratification". You waste time, get a short satisfaction and too soon you need more. Have you thought about introducing new hobbies and activities in your life? How do you currently use your time?

Looking forward to your journal!

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Muchas gracias Hitaru, espero que estés muy bien.

Thank you Cam!

Well,  especially YouTube and Blogs have two sides. On one side you can find inspiring people with interesting content. So it is an unbelievable great source of information. For example I would not have become vegan and almost raw vegan without YouTube. In my real life, with the exception of my wife, I did not even know a vegetarian.

But the nasty dark side is of course: It is highly addictive and I spend to much time on it. Even when the most videos I watch, are really interesting (Spirituality, Self Development, Nutrition, etc.) For this reason I allow 2 hours per week in my challenge.

If I like to introduce new hobbies is a good question. I want to finish writing a book, I practice Pilates and running.

I practiced many things like Kung Fu, Yoga, many Dances like Salsa and Tango. Some hobbies I practiced for years. But you know what? Nothing of them I enjoy as much as internet and video games. This is the bitter truth.

I am looking for hobbies (jobs as well), which I like as much, or even more, as media entertainment. I am always open for any suggestions.

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