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  1. I celebrate the first week of my media detox. Yesterday I played football in real life, instead browsing the internet for football. It was so much better.
  2. Great post. Right now I am working on this. My life is getting better and better. I have also a book recommendation for the people who are interested in: "Healing your aloneness" by Erika Chopich and Margaret Paul. It is about working with the inner child and the inner adult and the equilibrium between both, which means an equilibrium between the right and the left side of the brain.
  3. Day 1 to Day 2 (November 27 to 28): On Monday I had to start again, because in the weekend I checked football for 30 minutes. The first two days I could substain from it (and I hope in the next 88 days also). I got an idea. I am checking football in internet, because it is stimulating me. I think stimulation is not bad. It is maybe showing the way to my vocation. The problem with football (and computer games in the past even more) is, that I spend a lot of time and it is completely useless. Maybe harmful, when I sit a long time in front of the computer, do not move and do not eat proper food. So I have to try to find something which is stimulating me and makes sense. Fun and Purpose. This sounds like a great combination.
  4. Hi Zala, I wrote about a possibility which is extreme. Just to show what is possible. One of the ideas is to minimize the bills. If you are still searching your vocation, it is OK to have sometimes a job you do not like and earn money. Also it is important to get some new ideas and get in contact with people, you usually would not meet. Food: Herbs like dandelion grow everywhere, 5 minutes out of the city is enough, You do not have to go in the wild. Accommodation: I live in three places around the world. My parents house is the firm address. I would only spent a long time in a friends house if it is fun for us both. He does not have to support me. I could sleep somewhere on the floor and get my food outside. I could help him, cleaning his house, having fun, repairing stuff, buying things in the supermarket, etc. In one of my jobs, I was very busy and I would have been grateful if someone helped me and lived in my house. It is cool, when many people are living together. About the tent: I mean a warm place. About cooked meal: I am eating 100% raw. Cooking is absolutely unnecessary. Traveling: It is absolutely unnecessary also. I mentioned just in case if someone wants to have some fun (period: a couple of weeks or something like this). I traveled so much, that I am not interested anymore. But I travel a lot because my family is living in different places. I never said that someone should life in the street. I love money and earning money can be great. I really love money. But you just do not need it, so do not worry about it. That is all. It is about not getting depressed working the whole life in a job you do not like. It is about getting relaxed, following the dreams, expanding the mind. The community and optimism: This is the main reason, why I wrote my post. My impression is, that one of the answers to quit gaming is to find a job, get friends, socialize, find hobbies, etc. But it is going so much deeper. It is not so easy to find a job you like, friends which are on the same level as you, hobbies which are interesting and least the vocation. So you have to expand, drop limiting believes, to focus more on what you like. If I think I have to work 50 hours per week in a job I do not like and it is impossible to find a vocation than it can be worse than playing video games. I could get even more depressed. So finding the life purpose should be the focus, that means doing what you like in every second is more important than money. But everyone has in mind: "I have to get the money. Where is the money coming from? It is not possible to live without money."
  5. Hi Zala, good question! Food: You can go out in nature and collect wild herbs and eat them raw. They have tons of amino acids (to build muscles) and minerals. They are more healthy then all(!!!) the food in the supermarket and all the crap like pasta, pizza, bread, milk, cheese, meat, fish, cakes, candies, white sugar, industrialized food with preservatives and a lack of nutrition. Accommodation: You can go to friends, live there and help them. You have fun together. Win-Win-Situation. Or you could go to a warm place, living in a tent. There are thousands of possibilities. Clothes: It is not necessary to buy them because many people in the western society (the most people I know and I) have already so many clothes that they are sufficient for the rest of the lifetime. Traveling: There is a German guy (and I guess many others), who traveled around the world with no money. So, which bills? Of course this is extreme and I do not live this way, but I could. And I would be perfect fine with this. And I think it is better than to have a 40h per week job just to pay the bills and which is far away from the life purpose. But there could be an intermediate way. Having a job, which is not so interesting, but working only half time. Or working one year full, saving the money and then doing the things you want and finding your real life purpose. Needing money is a limiting belief. Do not get me wrong. I love money and I live in a nice apartment. But do I need it? No, definitely no.
  6. In my opinion there are many programs in the society, which leads to suffering. One is the split between work and fun/freetime. Both should be the same. If you think, I have to work to earn money and then I have freetime, which I can enjoy, is always suffering like hell (at least for me). As I told you, I think you are a very high developed person. For this reason it is more difficult to find a way. Because high developed people know that the most jobs out there are not good, it does not matter if lawyer, baker, doctor, engineer, etc. For many reasons, the system is corrupted and you will work in the boundaries of this system. Other reason: the death, the lost game of life, which you have pointed out. What does it matter, when I work and help people, when I die and all other people I helped also die? If you know this, it is not so easy to find a job. Special people sometimes have to create a job, which has not existed before. To find a vocation is an interesting and exciting journey. Maybe in your case it could have something to do with the death. Exploring life, meditation, fasting, working with your mind, out of body experiences to get more knowledge how this life works. I just guess. But in every case it should be something in which you are interested like crazy. Impatience can be good, but it should be used right now for a positve change. First step could be, in what I am interested like crazy? If it is only computer games, you can ask yourself in what are you so interested, which aspects of the computer games you can transform to real life? Keep on looking. Keep on searching. I totally agree with Regular Robert.
  7. Hola Hitaru, creo que eres una persona muy especial. People are very different. And there are people who are very high developed, maybe because they are old souls, reincarnated many times on this planet (I hope my post becomes not too spiritual). I want to say this, many people are saying that it is important to socialize. But for some people this can be really tough. Not because they have no social skills, are shy, have nothing important to say. No! I do not mean this. People have different vibrations, lets say different levels of consciousness. What is happening when you belong to the 5% highest developed people? I know it sounds arrogant and many people would say: "Hey it is not true. Everyone is on the same level, born on the same level." But no. Every life has the same value, it does not matter if animal or human, but they are not the same. The humans are also not the same. And this is strongly related to social interactions. Lets asume you belong to the highest 5%. It is not possible to relate to many people. Because you are not interested at all what they have to say. It is meanigless chatter to you. When you are authentic and say something, they do not understand you. Social interaction becomes difficult. Yes you can do it, when you lower your energy and they can do it, when they increase their energy or need you help. Helping is always great, but normal conversations can feel dull. For me normal conversations are boring, not because of the lack of dopamine I get from playing computer games. They are just boring. An interesting conversation beats every computer game in my opinion. I do not know if there are studies about this out there... So, when you belong to the highest 5% you have to look for the other 5% as one possiblity (there are more, like going in the nature) to feel happy and to grow. This can be difficult, because they are few and the few play maybe computer games because they avoid social interactions. Or live somewhere in a hut in the mountains. I still feel strange talking about it, because it sounds really arrogant, but this can be also a reason for gaming, a reason for feeling dull. You figured something out: When you believe in death, the black void, then of course the game of life is already a lost game. It does no matter, if you have many friends, a lot of money, a great house, success etc. And really, it does not matter at all. What matter is: to shatter the illusion of this life, find out who you really are, discovering negative limited believes and transform them, heal the wounds of the past, rise up high beyond measures
  8. Ok, my detox did not work so well. In the beginning I just checked 10 minutes football (and that was already too much). But in the end I arrived at 30minutes and one day over one hour. That is too much for my challenge. So I will start again. For this, I made a decision: I will quit football. It was a part of my whole life. But now I came to the conclusion that it does not serve me anymore and did not serve me for many years. My new entertainment detox starts today with a duration of 90 days. No Youtube, Internet, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, etc. Not included are things I need for my work, I put in pratice in real life immediately, I watch with other people like family or friends. In addition I still want to use media to connect with other people, sharing (useful things) and helping. Besides my work I have some hobbies and projects, for which it is difficult to find people in real life. When I read all this, I come to the conclusion that media detox is the wrong expression. From now on I will call it entertainment detox. The problem clearly is not internet and the related media. It is getting dopamine by entertaining. Football is a good example. It does not matter if my club is winning or losing, if someone in a forum is writing something good or bad my club. In both cases I get a kind of stimulation. And I am addicted to it. This is the bitter truth. Of course it is not so strong a the dopamine release during gaming but strong enough that entertainment like footbal, movies, etc. are stealing many hours, maybe 20 per week. I still allow the exception of 2 hours per week (not in one block anymore) for interesting documentaries, self development, spiritual stuff and yes also a little bit entertaining. I do not want to remove it completely but clearly, I have to control it. If I do not spend more than 1 or 2 hours per week for entertainment for the rest of my life, I can life with it.
  9. @zeke365: Right now Youtube is very useful for me, respective information about self development, spiritual stuff, detoxing the body and raw vegan life style. So I made the compromise to watch 2 hours per week in one block. Of course I could try a complete detox, but after this I will watch YouTube again. So my goal is to have the level of media, which I want, right now and which I can keep after the detox. With gaming it was similar. I wanted to stop completely, because it was not useful, so I detoxed completely. I detoxed gaming 17 years ago. Sometimes I relapsed, played between one and 6 months again and then stayed away for some years and so on and so on. Fortunately right now, I do not play. While I was gaming, I could do all my stuff, like university, career, etc. but I played 3 hours per day, which was always going on my nerves. Especially, very often during the day I was looking forward to the 3 hours. Sometimes for me it is the opposite. In the first week, I am more motivated because it is a new challenge. In the second week the motivation is lower and thoughts are appearing, like gaming is not so bad, why not one hour, etc. Day 9 to 11 (November 4 to 6): Unbelievable, everyday I was reading for 10 minutes in the internet about football. Fortunately I could stop and did not stay longer. I still have problems to control my impulses. Maybe after this challenge, I should quit football. Do not get me wrong. Football playing outside with friends is OK, but I mean this virtual stuff, like browsing the internet and checking statistics, news, forums or even watching football on TV. Football in the entertaining, passive way is really high addictive.
  10. Hi Zala, I also got fired in my first job during trial period. I must say it was one of the best days of my life. Even doing nothing, is better for me, than go to a place where I do not belong. By the way, I think I was more positive than the other guys in my group. So I did not fit in at all. This experience and others showed me: In many cases it is great not to fit in and the worst thing I could do is to try.
  11. Day 7 and 8: On day 8 I was reading for 15 minutes a news magazine web page. OK, it is not a big deal, but I have to be careful. It happened to me like this the last times, when I tried to have a media detox.. One day 2 minutes, the next day 15 minues, then 30 minutes and so on... And finally nothing was left of the detox programm.
  12. Great, I like this post. You are more fare than then most. We are responsable for our own feelings. Someone can say something to me and I can be upset, happy or it does not matter at all. When I am upset it is a good to start to find out why and go some levels deeper. But maybe it is not necessary to die. What is when all people die because they do exactly what is necessary to die? I mean what we all do with our mind and our body. Even if physical immortality is not possible: It would be interesting to find out more of our existence by out of body experiences or go deeper in the dreams to learn from previous lifes. I started with a technique for an out of body experience. I just tried twice. The result was not an out of body experience but unbelievable clear dreams. I will keep on going ...
  13. Maybe it depends on the carbohydrates. White sugar and flour are very bad. Much better are whole foods like fruits, beans, quinoa, potatoes. For about 20 months now I do not eat bread, pasta and that stuff. About Oil: Oil is an artificial product. Oil in nature cannot be found. It is high processed, 99.9% fat, clogging the body. There are some studies which are saying that it causes more deseases than animal fats like butter. For example rats get more tumors etc. (even "good" oils like oilve oil) No using salt I do just out of curiosity. I have listened to some people who got some great detox results with this. They say that salt is so toxic that the body uses water to isolate it so it cannot cause any harm. It is dehydrating the body. But I do not know any study about salt. Like I said, it is just an experiment.
  14. Hi Simon, I wish you a lot of success for your new detox. I think everythink is a normal process. Almost no one can quit games and than be 100% productive. So the most are exchanging games with YoutTube, browsing, etc. which is pretty fine, because first of all: it is less addictive than gaiming. Unfortunately it is still very addictive so it is good that you want to continue and work on this. Great would be to find something productive, a goal, that you really enjoy to do it. To find something like this can be a quite challenging task on its own.