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Aiyoshi's Cross Addiction Recovery Experience


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Hello there, I'm Aiyoshi and from today onwards well be together into a recovery journey, from cross addiction.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, cross addiction is simply the addiction to more than one thing. It often happens by trading an addiction for another and this second one, will always lead to the first.

To this journal they are Gaming as the trade and Porn as the original. Because of that I'll count days of those 2 together, with today being zero because of porn even if yesterday was the day I gamed all day long.

For now, there's a lot of things to be done in order solve the underlying problems of addiction and solve abstinence problems, like boredom for example.

Currently I'm sick and procastinating the task of raising money to go freelance as a translator. There's also an ebook to finish (How to Make Friends and Influence People), a few languages to learn and get proficient at, a audiobook, going outside is for tomorrow and writting this only serves to say "BE MORE PRODUCTIVE!"




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Let's do this together! I fell in porn/fap on thursday. Please, please, keep recording here, I want to know if you're doing this well. And in case of failures, believe in yourself. We're here to listen to you, because we fight too!

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