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You've got to start somewhere

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Hey everyone,

This is a long time coming for me. I've been saying for the last few YEARS that "tomorrow" is the day that I was going to start whatever activity I wanted to work towards. That I could take the trash out tomorrow, that I can wash my clothes later. I can diet another time. I can reply to my GF text message an hour from now (which turns into days later, which turns into her leaving)

I can't continue down this path. I'm nearly 30 years old, I've been gaming since before I was TEN. All summer long, in the house playing on my computer. Now it's every day off from work. Every HOUR off from work that I don't have to do some vital function to hide this truth from others I'm on my computer surfing Reddit and playing Video Games.

I honestly don't consider myself a huge gamer, I play socially with friends when they are around (each evening from about 4pm to midnight) but since I'm working nights that's just the start of my night and I usually surf Reddit from midnight until 10am when I finally go to bed. This is all prime time when I could be doing other things. I've said for years I wanted to learn programming, I want to learn Guitar. I need to eat better. I need to exercise. I should play with my dogs more. I should read this book. I should do MORE.

Ultimately I sit down and just think about what I need to do, and then load the front page of Reddit again and start scrolling until the purple links stop and continue reading the comments. My journey isn't necessarily about stopping video games as much as it is stopping the addiction I have to technology, to computers, and to the internet.

I posted something on r/StopGaming yesterday and someone made the comment of, "think about how your life would be right now I you had started working on your other goals a year ago." And that comment alone hit me hard. It's not necessarily a rude statement to make, it's not even a rude statement to make. However it was one of the comments where you sit there and think, "Damn, This person is right."


So here I am. First gaming as a whole. I'm going to start with 90 days off from any kind of video game. I'm also going to do my best over these 90 days to not just fill that time with more Reddit, Twitch, and YouTube but actually work towards goals. 


Lets see how this does,


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Hello, Jeran!

Welcome to the community of Game Quitters!

I strongly recommend to start a journal in "Daily Journal" section of the forum.

It will help you become more consistent on your goals.

Greetings, Mad Pharmacist

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